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    Default First Visit to Couple Jamaica (Mystery Special)

    Hi Folks, My wife and I are headed to Jamaica 1st time in Feb. We are going with the Mystery Special where we will not know which Couple untill 7 days prior to departure!! A tad scary, but we are going for it. all resorts look wonderfull, however Sans Souci (where we may end up) seems older with a very small beach. Can any veteran travelers shed some light for us? Appreciated very much. Mark

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    We did the secret rendezvouz last march and went to css. Although not our first choice or even our second we absolutely loved it! Both of us would go back in a min (just not together lol) the beach is small, but big enough and instead of long beach walks we took meandering walks through the grounds finding hidden nooks and crannies. Rest assured iff css is the worst thing that happens to you you are very very lucky!

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    We did the secret rendezvous back in 2009 and we did end up at CSS. The beach is small but very pretty. The resort is gorgeous and I found the food and service to be outstanding. We got a suite in c-block and it was huge! It was a one bedroom and had 2 flat screen TVs and a nice living room area. We had breakfast (continental) every morning. We prefer Negrils beaches but I'm sure you will love wherever you end up. Good luck and have a great trip. All the resorts are wonderful in their own way.

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    We have visitied all of the Couples resorts and although we like every one of them, Sans Souci is our favorite. Think youself luck if that's where you go!

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    Welcome to the Couples' Family

    We have been to all four resort and love them all - unique and beautiful in their own way! Just love CTI more because we were there in 1980 for our honeymoon and even then was fantastic! Gets better and better every trip and what wonderful friendships we have made. Leaving Wednesday and will also visit our second favorite - CSS while there!

    Go and enjoy, relax and take it all in. As the Jamaicans say "No problem - Mon."

    Paul and Debbie

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    The beach is quite a bit smaller than CN & CSA but it was plenty big for laying out on. We especially love the beach bar at CSS. It doesn't close at sunset like the two at CSA and, unlike the bar at CN, it is more on the beach. A great place to hang out at night. CSS is the most romantic and has the most beautiful grounds IMO too. There are many paths to walk with stunning views. There is a hidden hot tub by the mineral pool that is a great place to go at night under the stars.
    We've been to CSA once. Great beach but it was not the right fit for us. It's just too big and spread out, not as intimate. We are torn between CN and CSS as our favorites and switch off between the two. You will love whichever one you land in and you will love Jamaica and it's people.
    Have a great trip!

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