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    Is there any laundry service at CN? My husband and I are going for 6 days and want to play tennis as well as other aerobic activities but I don't want to bring a ton of work out gear. Any help is appreciated.


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    We have the exact same issue - we work out every morning, and for a 10 day trip, that's a lot of shorts and t-shirts. We now take advantage of the laundry service and bring half the workout clothes. They pick it up in the morning, and it has always been back in our room by mid-afternoon. We use our resort credit to pay for it, so no out of pocket expense if you have a credit coming.

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    I went there in 2009 and they do have laundry service. We are going back in May and wanted to check on prices also, if anyone knows the cost and how long it takes to get things back.

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    I read somewhere that there is laundry service for "modest fee". Not sure what that means exactly....

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    I read somewhere that there is laundry service for a "modest fee". Not sure what that means....

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    They do have laundry service, however, I for one, found it to be prohibitively expensive. I pack a little detergent in a bottle and rinse out my workout clothes and hang them from the line in the bathroom. The only exception to this are my sports bras. They are of a thicker material and don't tend to dry as well, so I just bring enough of those to last for the trip. I usually manage to get by with 2 pr of running shorts and 2 tennis skirts and alternate them.

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    Yes, they have a laundry bag in your room with a paper to fill out (just like in a typical hotel.) They do not offer dry cleaning, only laundry services. Prices are very reasonable and they deliver your fresh clothes in a cute basket.


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