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    Default Booked CSS for July! Any suggestions?

    My fiance and I booked CSS for our honeymoon July 22-29. We are so excited!

    Does anyone have any tips for how to make the most out of the week?

    Is anyone else yet booked for that week, too?

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    We will be there for part of your stay--we arrive 7/18 and will depart 7/26! We will be celebrating my birthday on 7/24. I would say take advantage of the tour, so you can acquaint yourself with the resort layout. If you're interested in trying AN, then go to Sunset Beach early in your trip! No one judges body types and all are welcome! Try all the different foods---stretch--each day try a dish you couldn't get at home! Remember the Golden Rule--be courteous to the staff and your fellow guests and you will have a glorious vacation. Go to the specialty Beach Party on Tuesday night and the Starlight Gala on Friday, you will be amazed by the food and the shows. Just be open to the joys of Jamaica and the specialness of CSS and you will have a great vacation!!!

    One Love,

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    Thanks, Suzy! I've heard great things about the starlight gala!

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