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    We are reading that cn minibars do not have wine or champagne and we have been to Csa twice and they had wine in there minibars. Our question is "why" because some of your guests like us do not drink hard liquor and wine would be cheaper to stock than the hard stuff. Also I noticed that cn would only stock one ting at a time and that is not enough.If the problem is quests taking bottles of wine home, you could just oper the bottle.Sure would appreciate wine or champagne in our romm in October since this is our 54th wedding addiversary trip and we do not know if it could be our last-hshs We may be old but we are "youngatheart" and we can hardly wait for October!!!!

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    Any answer to this question-would like to know thanks

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    If you write on your check in slip it is you 54th they will do something special. Also you can go to the bar, tell them it is your 54th and ask for a bottle and glasses.
    Irie Mon

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    Hi - I am checking with resorts to formulate my answer. Soon Come.

    Couples Resorts

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    Randymon-thanks so much for responding-we are counting the days until October-talk about it every day - we love Couples!!!!!

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    I brought this question up about a week ago as well as I am not a big spirits drinker but love wine and it was one of the reason we booked Couples for our weddingmoon in Nov as I thought it was a really nice extra that most other resorts don't offer. As youngatheart says, it's cheaper than spirits anyway so it doesn't make sense. There is nothing better in my opinion than having a glass of vino in the evening whilst getting ready so I was very disappointed to find out that it is not something you can request on the mini bar form.

    Please Randymon - come back with the right answer, CN & CSA should have the same policies!


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    Simply ask for a bottle of wine and you shall receive.

    Couples Resorts

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    Default No surprise!

    As usual, Couples responds positively to our wishes. You are the Man!!!!

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    susieboock-You guys will love Couples and I thought it was weird that you could not get wine at CN because like Randy said whatever you want you will get. CSA was like that and I really thought CN would do the same. My husband loves lobster night and that is why we are staying extra nights so he can have lobster-actually we could go buy lobster for the extra nights it will cost us but it would not be at Couples and it is a good excuse to stay longer.

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