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    Default Help finding towel clips

    We have seen towel clips for the beach chairs mentioned as "must haves" in several threads. We are having trouble finding them. Does anyone know of a mail order or online source for these? Thanks in advance. Six weeks until we come "HOME".

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    Default Towel Clips

    There are a lot of different ones out there. If you google "Beach Chair Towel Clips" you will get a ton of results.

    Here is a link to nexttag with some though. Good Luck!

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    I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. Just check their website, as it's Winter now and they may not have them in stores.
    I will say, we took our chair clips and never used them at CTI. LOL.

    I took most of the items on the 'wish I had thought of that' thread, but honestly we didn't use very much of it. Our first aid kit and flashlight came in very handy though. LOTS of sunscreen too!

    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    We found our clips at Walgreens and they have different ones such as flamingos, frogs, etc. It may also depend on where you live - seasonal item.

    Good luck!

    Paul & Debbie
    Loyalists since 1980

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    Did a search and found this site. Never thought to bring these, but now I might.

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    I'm not sure if the towel clips are really somethig you "must have". I'm sure that your time thee wil be just as wonderful even without the clips. Yes they are cute and they do hold the towels over the floaties. They add color and the designs are nice.

    Now, that being said, I can tell you where we got ours. My wife was in Florida recently and found some parrott clips at Bed & Bath. They are not carried at the B & B here in the Boston area. But there were plenty of them in Fla. I don't know if they are on line or if your local store would order them from down south.

    We bring lots of extra clips to give away as prizes for some of the games we play on the island. But again, we had many many trips to CTI without the clever clips and we never missed not having them.


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    Ok, what you are looking for is made by a company called "BOCA". If you do an internet search for "Boca Towel Clips", you should get a multitude of results for places that you can either find local to you, or order online if you are inclined to do so.

    We were at CTI this past November, and noticed Crabracer and his wife had them on their chairs. This was the second time I had seen these handy little clips, so I had to ask Richie where he got them from.

    Apparently the best place to get them from in the US is Home Sense or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    You can find them through various retailers on, for instance:


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    I'd seen them at WalMart & Bed, Bath, & Beyond but that was in the summer ..... Since we're in the midwest, they don't carry that stuff in the winter but might try their websites .... Or just Google "beach towel clips" maybe ......... We've never used them in all our trips to Jamaica & other beach places so I wouldn't say they're a "must have" but can see where they'd be useful if it's windy.

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    bed bath and beyond has them You can also use their website to purchase them if there isn't a store nearby you. here is the link:

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    We also found them at Kohls

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    If style isn't essential, I've had good luck taking the spring-style clothes pegs (pins), and find them handy for lots of things: clipping a bag of snacks shut against insect invaders, closing a wayward curtain, hanging clothes to dry (if there's an in-room clothesline), pinning towels to beach chairs on windy days...

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    We got some from There were several to choose from. We use them at home but did not take them to Couples and did not miss them there. They are nice, but won't make my list of 'must haves' ... but to be fair... my list is very sparse! We just don't need much in Jamaica for a week.

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    Towel Clips????? Why????

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    Towel clips are definitely on our packing list. We take 3 pair, one pair each for the back of our chairs, and we split a pair to use on the side of the chair that is facing the wind. It gets windy on the beach, and many times we have come up from the ocean on SSB from a swim, and while others have their towels laying on the sand because of the wind, ours were still in place where we left them.

    On our last trip, one day when we left SSB to go to lunch, a wind and rain storm came up. When we got back to the beach, our towels were still attached to our chairs, all nice and dry under the palapa, whereas under the palapa beside us, their towels were all on the ground, soaking wet from the rain that flowed through. They are also useful to hang your t-shirt and shorts to at the top of your chair, while holding your towel at the same time.

    They're also a great conversation starter. We have had numerous couples stop by our chair and ask where we got them. A conversation ensues, and a friendship has been started!
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    Default Online @ Just received mine! Reasonably priced and were delivered quickly.

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    I like the idea of using them to keep the wind from blowing the towel off the chair.

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    gonegril, because they're cool! Actually, the wind is a reason but they also keep your towel from sliding down on the "floaties" when you are laying down. I saw these on here a year or so ago and thought they sounded kinda weird, but I'll tell ya, they work and theye're also a great way of finding your lounger if you happen to be in a congested area. Bed Bath and Beyound as stated. Boca clips.

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    Dollar store - I live in Ontario, Canada and got a few different clips (oversized plastic clothes pins) in different colours. We've brought them and used them on our last few trips to Couples and someone always stops by to ask us where we got them and to say 'I wish I had thought of that'! It makes for easy location coming back onto the beach from the ocean. We don't worry about the wind blowing our towels off the loungers while we're at lunch or in the ocean. I'm bringing extras to spread the joy for our next trip.

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    We just use binder clips. The kind you get at an office supply store.

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    Target last year in the spring, maybe $5. Have used them numerous times. One of the best uses is to keep your T-shirt/Cover-up clipped to the back of your chair, no sand on your back, arms or in your hair. They have also been used for different reasons for vacations not at the beach or at a resort.

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    I don't consider towel clips to be "must haves." We've been to all four of the Couples Resorts for a total of 19 trips and have never brought them or thought that we needed them.

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    Default Towel Clips

    There are plenty of towel clips solutions out there if you search on google.

    I have personally bought some beach towel clips called sunnymates from the UK. There really good and cheap also

    Visit the site at <a href="">Sunny Mates</a>

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    I just bought these on Amazon. Good reviews and only $3.82 and no shipping charge.

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    The true professoinal defies wind with the towel clip. Its part of the perfect vacation. While other scramble for a fresh towel having theirs previously contaminated by it touching the sands, the true pro need not waste even a moment.

    Clips start conversations as the true pro uses elite towel placement tool to install his superior vacation acumen and let the world know "I've done this before"!!!

    Next up: "Bandana's are not just for bikers anymore": A guide to looking the part!

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    We take our towel clips every trip to CSA. There are always windy days where they do their job well. People always stop and ask where we got them. Ours are Flamingoes and toucans and my wife bought them at Kohls. Never leave home without them.

    Life is good

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