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    Default What is mean with shortcut SSB?

    Hello folk,

    my english isn't so really good, but I don't understand the abbreviation SSB. Can anybody help me?


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    It stands for Sun Set Beach. The au natural part of CSS. There is a nice beach area, as well as lots of room around the pretty good size swim-up pool bar. I have often wondered why they use three letters instead of just SB. Sunset really could be just one word rather than two seperate words.

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    Sun Set Beach - it is the au naturel beach at CSS

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    Sunset Beach. It is the 'au-naturelle' part of Couples Sans Souci and the best place to relax and unwind with your SO (significant other). Try it, you'll love it (but don't take any clothes to wear! ;-))

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    HAve many thanks for your answers...

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