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    Default Rules question

    My wife is very reluctant to go to the AN side at CN. I, on the other hand have no qualms. Will I offend anyone if I go there by myself for an hour or two if I stay by the hedge and read or sleep?

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    While you may be able to get away with it, depending on the people at the resort at the time you are there. The rules are for a Couple to be all nude. This makes it more comfortable for the others that don't want to feel like they have more invested (so to speak) than the others on the beach.

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    The people who look for things to complain about might complain about this, but it's your vacation. If you are causing no problems at the nude beach... just gettijng some sun and not hitting on the ladies or 'gawking' at them then most folks will just live and let live... sadly, some have trouble with that though. When my wife and I are there I sometimes leave to scuba diving and she ends up without me at the nude beach, and sometimes she leaves to go play tennis without me and I end up at the nude beach without her for a while. It's not a big deal.
    Just go have fun!
    BTW- Once your wife gets up the gumption to try the nude beach she will be comfortble far quicker than she might imagine and then won't want to be anywhere else!

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    Default Why ?

    With all due respect--and I've heard that "respect" word used thousands of times on this site, why would anyone want to go to Couples, one of the most Romantic resorts in the Caribbean and spend time without their loved one. I know that we all go water skiing, diving, etc. alone but there is a world of a difference in those activities and nude sunbathing.
    Then there is the respect for those couples that have weathered the hesitant spouse storm. Believe me some folks will respond and say "it doesn't bother me" but I've heard those same ones in conversations around the bar asking questions like "have you seen that persons spouse. Think about it, don't you see what their saying. It's just like the guest that feels they have the only special reason to leave a part of their bathing costume on. It makes the ones playing by the rules feel that their special tranquility has been invaded.
    So again --- you might be alowed at CN & CSS but remember how your actions might effect the experience of another couple.
    Yes it is all about "Respect"

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    Yep. Solo AN'ing is not allowed - for very obvious reasons.

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    Well said Barbjer!

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    What are those very obvious reasons? Does every person become a problem when their spouse is out of sight?
    Just wondering.

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    Well, personal experience really. Was at SSB (tow glorious weeks!) last December. A couple were there around the pool. No problem. My wife became very uncomfortable that the male partner was definitely a letch. He didn't even take sneaky peeks, he literally stared (I watched him do it at the bars and restaurants too. (I know my wife is attractive but hey, there's a limit).

    So far we only have a letch at SSB. We didn't see them at SSB for a while (thankfully) but a few days later he turned up, by himself, took a lounger by the pool and strutted around for a couple of hours before taking off. It was clear why he was there and it was also clear that his wife wasn't happy to be there and didn't return to SSB over the entire time they were at CSS. I believe that the reasons for couples only at SBB (notwithstanding the occasional visit to do an activity whilst leaving your partner there - which I guess no-one minds too much, esp if one is around the pool and chatting with new found friends) are that no-one wants to feel uncomfortable with gawkers. Just because you are a guest it doesn't mean you can't be a gawker.

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    wow, a few years back i was at cn, and my partner was not into the an thing at all, so i would take my book and go read by myself-naked. i had no clue this might make others uncomfortable or is frowned upon. i felt a little strange being alone, but hey, even if my guy at the time was a prude, it was my vacation too. maybe it was different bc I'm a woman?

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    We were at CN in November. Every morning there was a gentleman there reading a book first thing in the morning. He'd take a dip a little while later, then usually leave around 10:00 or so. He never bothered anyone, and usually only spoke when spoken to or when saying goodbye when he left. No one ever complained nor had a reason to the entire week we were there. Circumstances vary of course, but respect is always key.
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    We are going to CSS for our first time in 2012...we are both veteran AN people and plan on spending our days on SSB. I enjoy early mornings on the beach and my SO likes to sleep in on vacation...I hope nobody gives me a hard time if I go to the beach solo before breakfast for a hour or two (particularly if there are few people around)...especially after we have been there for a few days and get acquainted with some of the SSB guests that are there when we are there.

    I don't really have an issue with the single who knows how to conduct himself in a AN environment (nobody likes the gawker/leering type), but I understand that there are a lot of people who may be trying AN for the first time and are more comfortable in a couples-only AN environment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Murtle View Post
    Yep. Solo AN'ing is not allowed - for very obvious reasons.
    I believe, unless something changed recently, that men can go to any of the au natural areas by themselves at both CSS and CN, but NOT to the island at CTI. Women can go to any of them by themselves.

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    Why don't you both go and you just stay A/N on the A/N side of the hedge and she can be right next to you in her suit on the clothed side? Just sit all the way down toward the water where the fence ends and set up there. Use the "imaginary" line to get yourselves set up to where you'll both be most comfortable. Hopefully the correct picture downloaded ok.

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    Wife and I spent a week at CN in September of 2010, using the AN beach together...until our last full day there. She came down with an ailment and was being treated by a local doctor, who was brought in to prescribe meds. Besides being the fastest five hundred bucks I've ever spent, she was in bed all morning, and I stood around, while the doctor monitored things. By mid afternoon I wanted to get outdoors (while she slept after the doctor left), and went over to the AN area for a few rays, a dip in the Caribbean, and a drink, which was my last opportunity to do so before we left the next morning. The people there were the same folks we'd seen all week, so I was familiar, and no one said anything. This seemed like an 'exception' and I felt okay about doing so. On the other hand, if I or anyone else we might notice, had spent every day on the AN beach without their other 'half', it seems different. I would complain to the front desk if a man, or woman, spent their full days on the AN beach going 'solo', as it would seem to be a disregard for the others there, and not in the spirit of Couples. This would be after I asked the 'soloist' what their story was. AN areas at Couples are not intended only for use by nudists/naturists, but to enhance the experience for 'couples' visiting the resorts. It is about respect, which I learned more thoroughly about, while in Negril. It's about me respecting what you say/do and you respecting me, likewise; with no BS. It's an honorable code and worthy of practicing in Jamaica and back home.
    So, a shorter answer: if noticed, it would be asked about and if the 'soloist' was clearly a 'letch' (being the large assertive person I am), I'd confront them, as they'd be disrespecting me, my spouse, and the other couples there trying to experience something together as a part of their Couples vacation. I don't mind others looking at my wife or me in our birthday suits, but it wouldn't be just about that.

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    I agree with TonyS almost entirely. I fully agree that someone who is deemed to be causing a problem, or is a 'gawker' should be removed immediately, and to me it should not really matter if they are with their spouse or not. Not all the people who cause problems or 'gawk' are there without their spouses and not everyone who is without their spouse for a little while causes problems! But it sounds like some folks want anyone who steps on the nude beach without their significant other to be removed as some sort of a problem,... even if they don't cause one. If someone settles into a chair at the nude beach and quitely naps or reads a book while their spouse is busy for a bit elsewhere at the resort.... why would anyone decide to try to have them thrown off the beach? Respect works both ways! Why would anyone try to have a person removed from the nude beach if they are just using the nude beach quietly and causing no problems? To just comlain and have a male or female half of another couple who is simply enjoying their hard-earned vacation without bothering anyone else seems simply silly to me. Enjoy your vacation and let others enjoy theirs. We don't need to manage other peoples vacations. Couples Resorts can be trusted to decide what is appropriate and what is not. If you love Couples... relax and let them do what they do. They're good at it. If someone misbehaves, insist they be removed immediately, but if they cause no problems why not 'live and let live'?
    Respect and good travels-

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    In all the years that we have been going to CTI we always heard that men were not allowed at AN sites without their partner. Women have been allowed to go alone. I never quite understood that double standard. So do CN and SSB have an exception to the rule? I know at TI they keep a close eye on the island and should a man show up and stay for any length of time, usually whom ever is the bartender at the time makes the guy leave. Same thing with guests not being completly naked. Once the bartender is made aware of that situation, he lets the person or persons know what the rules are. If they don't abide by them, he makes them leave.

    Randy. Can you clarify the rules for all of us?

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    We were at CTI in December. There was a guy who came to the island by himself every day, and stayed all day. People talked about him, wondering where his partner was, but no one complained because he pretty much kept to himself and did not gawk.

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    It's really pretty simple. The rules say you must be a couple and nude to be on the AU beach. It's not up to me or you to ignore or change the rules as we see fit. Couples management has considered the issue and clearly stated the rules for the enjoyment and comfort of it's guests. It's simple respect for others.

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    Can you please post a link to those rules you are quoting, or describe where you found them? Thanks!

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    It seems that B&K has found some 'clearly stated rules' about how you may only be on the Couples A/N beaches if both halves of a couple are there together. I assume that this is just B&K's interpretation of something they ran across somewhere, but I look forward to reading it once they provide a link. Some clear statements on this would be helpful. Unless there have been some changes that B&K has found, I still go by this direct quote from Randymon about the issue:

    "We believe that the nude areas of our resorts are social in nature and one should not be so strict that if, upon meeting both sides of the couple, one decides to have a spa treatment while the other lounges in the nude area.

    That said, it would be unwanted for one member of a couple to be solo all the time or if the female only goes topless.

    Again - this is a self policing area intended to be treated respectfully by all parties. "

    Based on this (barring the changes that B&K mentioned) I will continue to presume that I can leave my wife to enjoy the nude beach while I go diving and she can leave me to read my book there when she leaves to go play tennis. I refuse to believe that there is anything disrepectful about that if the party left there alone is behaving appropriately. I have no doubt that what actual rules do exist will support this. It only makes sense.
    I feel that anyone who misbehaves in some way should be asked to leave the area, but I don't feel that anyone who ends up there without their spouse for a while is automatically being a problem or is in violation of what Randymon has stated, nor is it being disrespectful to enjoy the beach while your spouse leaves the beach for a while. The one thing that seems clear to me is that Randymon is NOT trying to keep 1/2 of any couple from enjoying the nude beach in a respectful manner if the other half is enjoying one of the other activities at the resort for a while. When I see the clear changes to this that B&K found I will certainly abide by any clear rules imposed at Couples, because that is clearly the respectful thing to do. But I have a feeling that this is as clear at the rules get. Respect and good travels!

    Randymon, if there has been a change since the statement you made that I quoted, please let us all know.

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    I have no problem with one male being there, but if there are a handful of just males, it would make me as a female uncomfortable. I don't think I would enjoy the experience as much, if half of the people at the AN area were males. A lot of the attraction for me, other than the obvious is to meet other couples and socialize with other couples. Where do you draw the line. If you change the rules, it may also cause conflist on couples themselves, and put pressure on a lot of females that just are not comfortable going AN. I do not think I would have been ready for a AN experience twenty years ago. This is just my opinion. It is a resort that caters to Couples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cands View Post
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    Why don't you both go and you just stay A/N on the A/N side of the hedge and she can be right next to you in her suit on the clothed side? Just sit all the way down toward the water where the fence ends and set up there. Use the "imaginary" line to get yourselves set up to where you'll both be most comfortable. Hopefully the correct picture downloaded ok.
    Great suggestion that's how me and Spike have done it many times Hope all is well with you guys!

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    99% of the time, the same people go to the island during your stay, with the exceptional 1st timers. Going back to our 1st visits to the Island, we immediately met others and made friends. If one of us needed to run back to the mainland for something, then no biggie...or if she needed to run by the office for had a mani/pedi and I went on out to set up biggie. By then, we knew most everyone on the Island and our intent was obvious. That being said, I think it all boils down to making your initial visits to the Island with our spouse and everyone seeing that you are there together.
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    I think half the people on the nude beach are almost always males! (Just kidding, I get what you meant!)

    I have never seen a group of males without their S/O on the nude beach before at Couples. You won't have to worry about that . Have fun!

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    Default Quote from Randymon

    I couldn't find the rule on the new web site but here is a quote from Randymon from a thread titled "The wife doesn't want to go AN" Dated Feb 10, 2010.

    February 12th, 2010 09:01 AM#22


    In fact, it is not considered appropriate for any singles (meaning solo)to spend time on any of our nude facilities. Couples only please.

    Randy Russell
    Chief Romance Officer and Senior Vice President
    Couples Resorts

    I believe the rule was posted on the old web site and it was confirmed by Randymon (see above). So that was the rule we lived by. We understood that other couples may not be comfortable with singles at the AN beach and we respected that and followed the rules. The quote you provided showed a softened stance and that is ok with us. The vibe of respect is what brings us back to CN and the AN beach. Four weeks from today we will be on the beach enjoying each other's company!


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