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    Default Going to Couples Negril 5/9-13/2016 - Any tips/advice/suggestions/things to bring?

    Visiting CN the second week of May - Would appreciate any reports, tips, suggestions about the nude beach area. Stayed at CSS a few years ago and loved it, it was our first experience at a resort nude facility. Had a great time. Is CN similar? Do people gather and socialize? Does it get crowded? Does the construction next door have any effect? Would appreciate any information or suggestions. Thanks!!!

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    Maybe I wasn't clear and I understand the answers to some of my questions may have been posted elsewhere. My objective was to get some current information. Thanks!!!

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    Hi 1stimer, We arrive CSS on Saturday. Not new to Au Natural or Couples but it's been awhile because we've done some cruising. I ready thought I'd be packing light due to the time we plan to spend nude, however the suitcase is out and it's filling up fast. 😎

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    From what people have said, the construction isn't bad. CN's AN section is just a beach, bar, and hot tub. It's not very large, but I never felt too crowded on the beach or in the water last year. As for social scene, I can't attest to that as the wife and I just wanted to do our own thing. I might try to be a bit more social this trip.

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    This is our 6th trip to CN. First time to CN just tried Natural beach on last day now we are HOOKED, spend all beach time there. This time of year the Au natural is not crowed. The past 2 years 10-20 people Winter months it gets up to 70 people. The Bar is great its just for the Au natural beach Some people pass by but stay close to water, any one passing with camera guards take care of it if they are taking pictures. Also any one not au natural are asked to untextile or leave.. The au natural beach I feel is more social than textile beach. First walk to water may be uncomfortable because it is next to textile beach but after first walk its as natural as being Au Naturel..LOL Cant wait 2 days May 8-22

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    Thanks to everybody for your replies!!!

    @Frandele - looks like we'll be there when you'll be there - see you then!

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    As far as being social, CN can be social but it isn't as transparent as CSS. At CSS, the pool area is clearly the area people would go to socialize. At CN, there isn't really a designated area like that, so at first, it is a little more difficult to determine who wants to be social and who wants to be by themselves. It reminds me of a middle school dance. You may meet people at the bar. Sometimes people will bring their drinks and floaties into the ocean and congregate there. Sometimes people will jump into the hot tub during a rain sprinkle, and you'll meet them there. With a little bit of effort, you'll find it if you want it.

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    Agree with JJ. CN was the least social in our experience. When we were there, we actually never socialized at all. Everyone just seemed to be doing their own thing. But it depends on the crowd I guess.

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