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    Default CN - AN Questions

    My husband and I have been to CTI twice and love the AN island. In fact, when we first were looking for paradise of the 4 resorts - it was the one that called to us and has not let us down.

    We were fortunate to win 1st place in our photo contest and are considering trying a different resort. I have read a lot of reviews of conflicting information about the AN beach at CN. I am looking to hear from those "CN experts" to my following questions:

    1. Is the water warmer than CSS? (we thought the ocean was freazing when we did trading places).
    2. Where is the bathroom?
    3. How busy is it around the end of May?
    4. Do you have sand flea problems?
    5. How late can you stay on the beach? (ie. island closes at 5 pm and SSB if I remember turns into clothing after a while).
    6. Are there chairs around the bar or is it more or less, you walk up, get your drink and leave?
    7. I read where the service is spotty at the bar and people have had to help themselves to make their drinks?
    8. How is the food at the resort?
    9. Recommended things have to do at CN?

    Thank you to everyone who responds to bring us some insight!

    Thanks - Sonja

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    1) Yes.... much warmer at times. The river near CSS keeps the water cooler.
    2) Just at the back of the nude beach, a short ways from the bar. Between the bar and Building #9. It is also clean, convenient, and has one of those awesome hand dryers!
    3) Not sure on this one. Anyone else?
    4)My wife and I have had no problems, but we avoid walking barefoot in the sand when the sun goes down. Sand Fleas stay deeper in the sand when the sun is out. If you are going to be in or on the sand when the sun is down consider some insect repellant.
    5) Your call on this one... but remember the sand fleas!
    6) The bar is mostly a walk up affair at CN. It is small, but well stocked usually.
    7) There are hours when there is a bartender and times when there is not. We have not found this to be a problem. Just make what you want and clean up after yourself.
    8) The food at CN is as good as any I have had at a resort in Jamaica and a lot better than most. This is true for me after visiting about 12 different resorts in Jamaica over the past 20 years or so.
    9) Catamaran Cruise to the cliffs is excellent and included!

    All the best!

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    Not an CN-AN expert but can try to answer some of yoru questions.

    1) No idea. We have only been to CN in mid November and the water temp was great for the whole trip.
    2) There is a bathroom on the edge of the AN section of the beach furthest away from the main beach.
    3) Unknown, again only been there in mid November. While it is my understanding the resort was fairly ful, there were plenty of lounge chairs on both the main beach and th AN section.
    4) We had no sand flea problems anywhere on the beach but some others who were there at the same time did complain to us of some bites. Guess we just didn't taste good.
    5) We were on the beach as til 10:00pm and later. The hottub is open 24 hours and we made use of that in the evening.
    6) Don't recall any chairs by the bar, however I aways just went up and got what we wanted and then returned to the lounge.
    7) Occasionally the bartender will be on break. We never had any issues.
    8) Overall rating of the food was excellent. We ate at three of the four resteraunts (no Asian for us). It was always good and cooked to perfection. Service was typically great.
    9) Enjoy yourself and relax. You have to do nothing to have a great time!!!! That being said, we enjoyed the snorkeling, cat cruise (great sunset for us in November) and the hobi-cat.

    Hope this helps and that someone can fill in the blanks that I didn't know.

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    I'll add a couple more questions, is the bathroom and bar within AN walking distance, or do you have to get dressed every time you need a drink and a bathroom break?

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    To thadeus

    Bar definitely on the AN beach, you don't get dressed for it. The Bathroom is on the edge of the beach near building 9. Most people don't get dressed for it but some do take their towel.

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    Thanks for all the responses - very much appreciated!

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    The bar is not a problem. we were there in December 2011. Bartender was always there. Yannick was bartender and he was constantly walking around beach taking drink orders and would bring drinks to your lounger. He would bring cold towels, fruit skewers and any drinks you wanted to your lounger. Excellent service!!!!
    We to enjoy the beach till after sunset everyday and would return to the AN hottub or AN hammocks late at night.

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    helpful tips

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    Ben and Sonja, congrats on your winning pic! absolutely love it! have a question about it...would you PLEASE contact Thanks!!!

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