My husband and I have been to CTI twice and love the AN island. In fact, when we first were looking for paradise of the 4 resorts - it was the one that called to us and has not let us down.

We were fortunate to win 1st place in our photo contest and are considering trying a different resort. I have read a lot of reviews of conflicting information about the AN beach at CN. I am looking to hear from those "CN experts" to my following questions:

1. Is the water warmer than CSS? (we thought the ocean was freazing when we did trading places).
2. Where is the bathroom?
3. How busy is it around the end of May?
4. Do you have sand flea problems?
5. How late can you stay on the beach? (ie. island closes at 5 pm and SSB if I remember turns into clothing after a while).
6. Are there chairs around the bar or is it more or less, you walk up, get your drink and leave?
7. I read where the service is spotty at the bar and people have had to help themselves to make their drinks?
8. How is the food at the resort?
9. Recommended things have to do at CN?

Thank you to everyone who responds to bring us some insight!

Thanks - Sonja