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Thread: atlanta airport

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    We use the early morning Charlotte to Montego Bay, with an hour between flights from Columbus. We have been late leaving Columbus and early leaving Columbus, and have never had a problem with the connection with US Air. I used to fly them all the time, never any issues like some, but now the only time I fly them is when we go to Jamaica. WE can leave Columbus Ohio at 5:25am and be in Monego Bay at 10:50 am and at CN by around 12:30 or 1 pm. 34days 22 hours and the early morning flight soon come.

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    I'd suggest Charlotte over any Delta/Atlanta flight. Been to Couples 11 times and never had any issues with a Charlotte connection. Delta? Forget it, I'd walk first. All we had were plane break downs and flight delays. Then while sitting at the connection gate with another plane problem for an hour they just couldn't get our luggage onboard in time. Arrived in Mobay without luggage. Now the hassle and delay filing forms with Delta for the luggage and then customs to clear the luggage when it arrives was so not worth it. Never again. Same deal on the return flights with more delays and plane problems. As everyone seems to find out the hard way, D.E.L.T.A. = Dont Expect Luggage To Arrive. How true...
    (You may want to have carry on only with them)

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    Atlanta Hartsfield is a ZOO, Avoid whever possible. We went through USAir Charlotte coming back from Mexico and did not have any problems. Only leaving an hour between flights is cutting it short no matter where you are. Check with a travel agent, they often have more info than searching yourself online.

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    Thanks smroot, you reassured us in our choice. Glad to hear that US Airways does in fact take a early morning flight. I was nervous that they would have several flights scheduled and cancel of bump the time to a later takeoff. Anyway, we are booked thanks to everyones input. Dont eat all the jerk some for me...105 days to go!!!

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    Bump! I went surfing the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport site and thought I'd post this info. The new terminal opened a year ago, so there is a great deal of confusing info if you read postings from earlier dates. I'm hoping we've allowed enough time on our return trip through ATL... but, oh well, "every little thing will be alright!Passenger Types

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    Air Tran nonstop out of Midway..

    Quote Originally Posted by louieandsusie View Post
    We are getting ready to book our flight down to Jamaica for our April trip. Our 2 options out of Ohare are through Charlotte(US Air-went through last year---1 hr. between flights) or through Atlanta on Delta. Is 1 hr. between connecting flights enough as having only been to Atlanta's airport once and it was for a domestic flight not sure about the layout. Thanks for any advice and April 6th can't come soon enough

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    I'll take CLT over ATL any day...

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