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Thread: Can I upgrade?

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    Default Can I upgrade?

    Heading to CSA October 22 but I can't confirm a verandah room in my vacation package. Only Garden View or Atrium view is available. Should I take my chances and booked my trip HOPING to get upgrade upon arrival or seek out another location?

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    Call the Couples 800 number to see if they can help.

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    Grab an Atrium, they are the best rooms in the Carribean.

    No contest.
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    Ask yourself one question: is it absolutely necessary for you to have a TV and/or minibar to have a great vacation? If the answer is no, book one of the available rooms. I have stayed in the original Garden Suites before and they are very comfortable and romantic. If I had my choice of the two you have available though, I think I would go for the Atrium since it is a little closer to the beach and has a hammock on the balcony. If you decide to book one of the available rooms, I would definitely check it out before asking if there is room to upgrade. You may end up loving the room you get!

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    I have always thought that the Atrium rooms had the best value for the price. They certainly have a large legion of fans. There are a bunch of folks for which nothing but an Atrium room will do. My wife is in that group.. I like the Verandah suites, but my wife LOVES the Atriums.

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    IN many of these Vacation Packages, you can only get certain rooms. They may or may not be available when you get to the resort.

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    We tried to upgrade to a beach front when we were there and none were available. ( although Oct is pretty slow) I asked how much if they were and they were much more then they had been on the web site I booked on. Everyone has different needs and wants. We really enjoyed the mini bar and also used the TV late at night while laying in bed and also early in the am to catch the news. We had a garden VS. Wanted to upgrad to a beach front room when we got there and saw them. Would have been worth it to us to be right on the beach. We had a bit of a walk back to our room.

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