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    10 more sleeps until we leave for our first trip to Couples (CTI). We can't wait! We booked a Superior Ocean Room. Can anyone tell us if we will have privacy on our balcony? In other words, when we are sitting on our balcony, will our neighbours' balconies be on either side of us? If we smoke, will it bother them? We are looking forward to enjoying a nice quiet breakfast and a cigarette every morning on our balcony, just the two of us. Thanks!

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    We have 12 sleeps and will be at CTI too!! this is our first time, were staying in the premier ocean room and were woundering the samethings. Hope we will see you there.

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    We stayed in the premier. You have great privacy. We smoke and sat out in the buff. Like Redmon would say "No problem monnn"
    We'll be there in 17 days.
    See you there
    Scott and jen

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    We had a Deluxe Ocean, and I think the big difference between Deluxe and Superior is the view of the ocean (Superior gets unobstructed.) Here's the view we had looking towards the rest of the resort:

    I think there was enough of a breeze the whole time we were there, except in the early AM and late PM, to keep any cigarette smoke from bothering us (at least I never noticed any smell, and the wife, who is more sensitive to it never complained.) We rarely heard our neighbors, or anyone from other rooms while we were there.

    Enjoy your trip! CTI is great!
    Jason & Kathy
    CTI first trip November 2011
    CTI return visit May 2013!

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    We stayed in a premier ocean room (Block 4 floor 3) and the balconies were totally secluded. I think the superier ones are possibly the same style. We are going back in October and would be happy to have the same room/area the view was amazing

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    We stayed in a premiere ocean room in December and you cannot see your neighbors on the balcony. There is a concrete wall.

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    Thank you everyone for your responses. We are relieved we won't be bothering anyone / feeling bad.
    7 more sleeps! Hope to meet some of you there

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