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    Default Should We Reschedule our Nuptuals for Morning....

    We totally didn't think about it raining in the afternoon in March!!!! Do they offer "protection" from the rain for a beach ceremony?

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    If there are morning slots still available, then take one of them. Afternoon showers are very common and I have never seen any covered area for weddings down on the beach. Good luck and congrats!

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    You don't say where you're getting married but all the resorts have backup plans for rain. We got married at CSA at 10am and it was glorious. I highly recommended the morning hours for weddings. The beach is stunning!

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    The weather can be unreliable any time of year.

    I married at CTI in August and we were very lucky to have a very sunny ceremony at 10am. However it was very very warm. We were so glad to get out of our wedding clothes and we went straight to the swim up bar!

    However, I attended 2 other weddings that same week in the afternoons and both were rained out. One couple moved their ceremony to Bayside and another kept the ceremony on the pier with the rain and it was still lovely!

    When you meet with the wedding coordinator, just check some of the other optional places in case you need to move. But think about it also, it's 'usually' a gentle slow rain. Would that be all that bad on the beach?

    I will say, we were so glad to get married in the morning. I think it would have been strange to wait all day for the big event. Make sense?

    Best wishes!

    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    We were married at 10:00 am for the same reason. Not sure what resort you are speaking of but at CN you have an option of doing the ceremony inside but there is no protection on the beach. Congrats!

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    We had a sunset wedding booked in September 2011 - two days before Tropical Storm Nicole hit the island. The weather was pretty unsettled the whole time leading up to our wedding, but the wedding coordinators were fantastic about monitoring the weather and making contingency plans just in case. At our first appointment, they moved our time up an hour and on the day of the ceremony, we moved it again (and moved all of my nail/hair makeup appointments to fall in line).

    The whole day, I had my eye on the sky because I did not want to get married in the lobby - all I have ever wanted was a beach wedding. At the appointed time, the weather was perfect. In fact, the storm didn't blow in until just as we were finishing our cake and champagne. We waited it out in the lobby and then did our photos with the most incredible dramatic sky as a backdrop.

    The moral of this story.... thunderstorms in Jamaica don't last very long (unless you count Nicole) and the wedding coordinators are fantastic about handling the weather (and pretty much everything else as well)... so no worries and unless you want to get married in the morning... leave it as is.

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    We chose a morning time (10 am) we got married at CSS in July so I knew that the possibilty of showers in the afternoon was high. Also the morning was cooler. I have read where other couples have waited out the showers or their ceremony was moved indoors.

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    We got married at CTI at 4pm in the afternoon in June, renewed our vows at 4pm at CSA 5 years later in November and were witnesses for a 4pm wedding at CSS in August. All were sunny and beautiful.
    And at CSA we were able to get some gorgeous sunset photos while still dressed.
    No one can predict the weather, afternoon showers are always possible but the light later in the day was fantastic for photos.

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    Hi Everyone! Thank You for all of the stories and advice. We are Renewing Our Vows at CSA. I am really nervous about the rain, like really nervous. We just found out this info out and I feel so silly for not knowing ahead of time. I really don't want it to be inside. I think I'm going to contact the Resort some how and find out if they still have a morning slot open. We'll have to change our appointments at the Spa, hopefully they still have something available for morning! Thank you all so much! You have all been of so much help <3

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