First, I am not an overly dramatic person. But we are laying out some serious cash for this trip. We choose a Couples vacation over other "things" we could have each year. I just got butterflies after reading another post.

Not a post about "issues" at CSS. It was a reminder about the musicians on the beaches of CN and CSA.

We've done 3 trips to CN (which we consider home) and one trip to CSA. We spend every moment we have on the beach or diving (just got certified on our last trip.) I love floating on the water, wading into the warm water without a care, and I FORGOT how much I enjoy the muscians who stroll along the beach and will play for you. I remember once I didn't have any money with me and they played for 10 minutes anyway! And another time it was my birthday and they sang happy birthday. I love the sounds of their music and voices while I'm chilling on the beach with that amazing rum induced chill that sets in.

We're the crazy ones who are on the beach until the sun goes down. Playing bocce ball at sunset, drinking champagne, is one of my most favorite things to do with my hubby!!!

Can anyone settle these nerves a bit and help me understand why we will love CSS as much as the resorts in Negril.