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    Default Getting a bit panicky about CSS!

    First, I am not an overly dramatic person. But we are laying out some serious cash for this trip. We choose a Couples vacation over other "things" we could have each year. I just got butterflies after reading another post.

    Not a post about "issues" at CSS. It was a reminder about the musicians on the beaches of CN and CSA.

    We've done 3 trips to CN (which we consider home) and one trip to CSA. We spend every moment we have on the beach or diving (just got certified on our last trip.) I love floating on the water, wading into the warm water without a care, and I FORGOT how much I enjoy the muscians who stroll along the beach and will play for you. I remember once I didn't have any money with me and they played for 10 minutes anyway! And another time it was my birthday and they sang happy birthday. I love the sounds of their music and voices while I'm chilling on the beach with that amazing rum induced chill that sets in.

    We're the crazy ones who are on the beach until the sun goes down. Playing bocce ball at sunset, drinking champagne, is one of my most favorite things to do with my hubby!!!

    Can anyone settle these nerves a bit and help me understand why we will love CSS as much as the resorts in Negril.

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    We just returned from CSS--it was peaceful and lovely and the staff treated us like a king and queen. Although there are no strolling musicians on the beach, I think the peace a serenity of the place will definitely make you and your loved one happy. If you feel the need to be serenaded, look up Derron in Watersports, he has a beautiful voice and is always happy to sing for you!

    Have a great vacation!

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    Relax you will love CSS! We just came back from a CSS and Cn split and we loved CSS. We have been to CN seven times and CSA once COR five times and sans souci blew us away. Even though CN is home we will be back to sans souci again. No you won't have the beach vendors but that is what I love about the ocho side. Just go and enjoy and do not compare the two they are not the same. We felt CSS was a little more upscale, the food the rooms and the staff are great. Make sure you go to the repeaters dinner we usually don't go but at sans souci is was great. This is a very romantic resort enjoy! Diane

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    You may not have the strolling bands on the beach, but you will have early morning Flutist playing with great skill around the main grounds and while at Sunset Beach watching the sunset, you will have a most fabulous Saxaphonist playing mellow sounds to increase the whole ambiance. I don't think you will really miss the band that much. They do have a band sometimes between the main pool and the water sports area.

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    The short answer is, because it's still Couples. There will be many things at CN and CSA that you will not find at CSS. No long beaches to walk. No musians to play for you. No ciggarette guy.
    What there will be is the same kind understanding staff that will welcome you and make you feel as though you had been there a hundred times. There will still be the warm fuzzy feelings you get while you are on the beach. Each of the four sisters that go by the name of Couples, are unique, special, and bound by the idea that Abe Issa layed down so many years ago as the foundation for his dream. To treat each couple as though they were family. The same warm smiles and hugs. The same feeling of contentment and satisfaction. Don't go to CSS expecting any of the things that you have experienced at CN or CSA. And at the same time, you will have all of those things and more. Just packaged a little differently. What you can expect is to be treated with the same amount of genuine kindness, love and the desire to make each and every guest welcomed and well looked after.
    Everything will be very different. But at the same time, everything will be the same. Go expecting nothing from CN and CSA. But by the time you leave, you will know that everything that you were looking for was there. It's just wrapped up and packaged in a different container. What you will find inside are the same happy moments on the beach. The same genuine concern each staff member you meet will have for your welfare.
    We have been to CTI 32 times and once to CSS. Sure, there was no island. None of our favorite bartenders or wait staff or office personnel were there. None of our favorite restaurents. But believe me when I tell you, if your smart, you won't miss any of those things or people. And you will still have the time of your life.

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    Thanks everyone!!! I knew about Clive but not about a!

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    Hi MnK, we loved Bloody Bay Negril our first trip to Jamaica and all the things you've mentioned and usually pick a resort based on the beach, but we are very opened minded about this different experience at CSS that we will be embarking on in five days.Reading posts like Crabracers above are enough to know we made the right decision and also give me warm fuzzies. I hope you have a great time. Sans Souci translates to "without a care".

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    We LOVE the beach & all that goes with it at CN (have also been to CSA & other resorts in Negril before we found Couples) so call it home .... A few years ago we did the SR to save some money & got CSS. Even though we're so glad that we went there because it's a GORGEOUS resort, we found that we REALLY missed the beach at CN more than we ever imagined & hadn't realized what an ENORMOUS part that it plays in our vacation .... Been going back to CN ever since.

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