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    Randymon......trying to book tonight but website keeps telling me "Error The Card Code is Invalid". I know that it is not. I just used it 15 minutes ago to book my flight. Help!

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    Hi David - I had this issue one year. just tell the rep that Randy Russell said on the message board that you can book 2013 dates with 2012 rates. They will put you on hold for a second and check, but all will be fine.
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    We had the same issue. Luckily I got ahold of an agent that figured out how to circumvent the glitch. Yvonne (ext1410) suggested that we book for late this year and she placed a note in our reservation account that we ACTUALLY wanted to travel in April 2013. This locked in the April 2012 rate and gets the Love-A-Way started. Once the 2013 bookings open up next month, I have to call and get the dates changed to our intended travel time. We were afraid we would lose out on the huge discount that expires tomorrow. Hope you are able to book your trip! Good luck!


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    The rate increase appears to have taken effect a day early!?

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    Randy, I want to verify what the agent told me on the phone. She was unable to book a room for April 2013 using the love-a-way. So she booked us for November 2012 to lock in 2012 curtent rates and said when the 2013 booking opens, to call back. So, when i call back, I am supposed to be abke to change my dates to April 2013 with no change fees and I will get the April 2012 rates. Is that correct?

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    Hello all!

    I just booked Sept. 2013 with Yvonne at ext 1410 without a problem!!!


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    Booked yesterday for August. Just in time

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    Anamarie, did you book using the love-a-way?

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    All is well! Timothy helped me out and I was able to make a reservation of the plain old vanilla kind, rather than the love-away plan. Now, only 493 days to go...

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    Rates did not increase today did they? It is not posted on the site yet.

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    Yep, I didn't think it was that bad...

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    Make sure you vote in the latest T & L poll.

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