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    Default Fair Warning! Rates to increase on January 18

    Greetings to all:

    Consider this a fair warning...

    If you have not booked your 2012 stay one of our award-winning Couples Resorts yet...

    AND, particularly if you plan to travel before the end of March...We are filling up quickly. If fact, there are already several sold out dates between now and the end of March.

    Book by January 17. Rates will increase on January 18 for the balance of 2012.

    As I always say, "Forewarned is Forearmed."

    Couples Resorts

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    Randymon: We are already booked for 2012. When will the rates for 2013 be published?

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    ok, i know this may sound a bit strange, but am i able to book several years out? i'm hoping to return to couplest for my 40th birthday.this is four years away. is that possible?

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    I am ready to book for April 2013
    If we book before January 17 will we pay the current rate?
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    Thanks for the heads up Randymon! We are planning on returning to CSA in May and this motivated us to book this week rather than in February as originally planned. Can't wait to get "home"!

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    We booked for December. Thank you for the warning.

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    Good Afternoon Randymon,

    This post is just in reference to the Rack rates increasing for 2012, correct? You will still have your best valued savings promotions of the Early Booking and FILA specials later in the year, right? (I'm hoping so! It's the only way we have been able to afford the past 3 trips to paradise, aka Couples Resorts, and are waiting to book the 4th trip as soon as the FILA special is out.

    Can't wait to return "home"!

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    Default Greedy

    Don't you all raise your rates every year? Seems like you are getting greedy. Way to reward and keep
    customers. Oh, great fair warning. Give us about a week and a half to come up with the money before the rates increase. You could have at least waited until after taxes. Way to go Couples. Not only have I heard that Couples Negril service and food were going downhill, now we are hearing you are raising the prices too. Excellent. What? Are you just trying to weed out the "undesirables"?

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    We are already booked for both of our 2012 trips.. but not booked for 2013 yet...yikes. We were hoping there would be a special come out with nice resort credit.

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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    Well that's bad for us since we plan on returning for our third time in December 2012. The problem is, I have no idea what the flight schedule is for December yet. Any suggestions? I would hate to book a room only to find out later that we can't get a flight the same day, arriving and/or departing.

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    Randymon: Will you have anymore specials coming for May thru July 2012? We aren't meeting with our wedding coordinator until the 22nd this month to decide on a date for our wedding. We have been looking at Couples Swept Away for about 2 years to honeymoon at and are so close to booking. But we definitely will not be able to afford your standard prices if you aren't going to have anymore deals. I feel like my hands are tied and don't know what to do!

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    Booked April 2012.

    The countdown clock is running on my desktop.

    Home soon come!

    Life is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan View Post
    I am ready to book for April 2013
    If we book before January 17 will we pay the current rate?
    We are also interested in booking for 2013.... Can we book before the rate increase? Randymon, can you message me?

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    Greetings to all:

    I will try to answer the several questions with this one post.

    2013 rates: We will be announcing the official rates and offers by the end of February 2012. If you are seriously considering staying with us in 2013 and are concerned about rate increases, then use our LOVEAWAY payment plan to reserve your space at this year's rates. $100 deposit, then $100 each month will protect your rate and you can always change or cancel - up to 45 days prior to arrival.

    Balance of 2012: Yes, we go by the simple principle of supply and demand. Rates - as well as costs - will continue to increase, just as they do in your everyday lives. We will continue to offer competitive rates and provide the most inclusions of any resorts in the Caribbean. Will we be the least expensive option? No. Will we be the most expensive? No. Will we continue to strive to provide a quality all-inclusive value within an environment conducive to romance? Yes.

    Rates beyond 2013. Sorry, but we simply cannot crystal ball beyond 2013.

    Couples Resorts

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    We usually have to wait a bit until closer to August because of planning out who the little one will stay with. I really haven't noticed that much of an increase by that time. Have y'all? What do you estimate it to be? Thanks

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    How much will the rates increase by?

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    We'll be booking for december 2013.. should we do the loveaway and just have someone on the phone get us the rates for then? (not on the website yet). Additionally, how does the booking of flights work that far out... since travel is included, do you guys monitor that and then book them when they are available? I really want to do a 9 day stay over the holidays (50th birthday and our 2nd trip to csa after our honeymoon)... is there someone to talk to about it other than 1800 couples reps? thanks

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    We are half way thru our first stay and want to book for Jan 2013. Where can we find rates? No matter what we will be back next year! This place is unbelievable!!

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    Like Randymon said, just do the Love Away Plan to secure your rate and you can change the dates as long as it it
    prior to 45 days of arrival. I have just booked for New Years(CSA) and you have to call the 800 # to do this. The web shows it as sold out and it is not, just to far out to book via the website . Hope this helps!

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    Thanks newt!! We got back to Massachusetts at 11pm sat nite and it was 8 degrees!! We will be calling the 800 number tomorrow and booking next January!! Not happy about the 75degree change! : )

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    DONE ...... With 2 days to spare ....... The countdown begins again !!!!!!

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    I just called the 1-800 number to make a love-away reservation for 2013 and the gentleman said I would not be able to make a reservation because the rates were not published for 2013 yet, and the reservation would have to be made on the web site. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a special trick togetting a reservation made?


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    I was able to book today for 2013. Couldn't do love away, but put $400 down and will make payments. And I got the current rates..the guy was very helpful and understood exactly what I wanted to do.

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    Booked today for May 28th thru June 4th for our honeymoon!!! Can't wait. My fiance's first time out of the states and our first trip to Jamaica. Hopefully there will be many more.

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    We booked ours today. Here's what we wound up doing, we got the same response but the agent (Yvonne @ext1410) said she could book us for later this year to lock in the rate and start the Love-A-Way. She made a note on our account that we wanted to ACTUALLY travel in April 2013. We have to call back next month after the 2013 dates open up and change the booking date. The rate will be locked in at the April 2012 rate and there is no charge for changing reservations >45 days from travel. I hope this works for you, we were afraid we would lose out on the huge discount on the booking.


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