Just a shout out to everyone that will be there at the same time. This is the first year we will be there with out a group of friends. Out of four couples we normally travel with we are the only ones that would drink the Caribe Beer left in the mini-bars, we felt so lucky that they would bring theirs to us in the mornings. Dropem likes a cup of coffee 1st thing in the morning and then he's on vacation and the bars don't open until 10, which means the next drink is a beer. If anyone is going to be there at the same time and doesn't like the Caribe we will be more than happy to take it off you hands. This will be our 4th time at CSS our 8th trip to Couples, started out at CN in 2005, 2 trips in one year, then once a year except for 2010. CSS has our heart although we have visited CTI and the people that have visited CSS all natural beach area were wonderful people and so much fun. CN has a wonderful atmosphere and to die for beaches and a central gathering area. CSS has Pierre which makes life good. CSS had also has room service, when you don't want to get dressed, or if you've had too much sun and adult beverages. Enough said, we got in with the credits for my stone massage and pedicures again this year and that is also a good thing!