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    Default So upset Couples UK Party

    Some of you my know that i was hopeing to get up some sort of reunion on Couples UK guests in the New Year (April) time.
    Well 2 things turned up over Christmas that means i will have to hold off on it for a few weeks.
    1. My husband has learned that his company may not be renewing his contract for another year, so we will have to hold off booking CTI/CSS for the time being until we have more information, don't want to book an expensive holiday with out knowing what the future holds.

    2. And this is the most important reason hubby's hip is seriously playing up, which means another Hip Replacement in the late Spring which inturn will have to mean a permanent retirement from work.

    So i hope you understand that my mind is on other things at the moment.

    One ray of light is my sons's wedding & honeymoon at CTI in April I am getting so excited first wedding in our family for 20 years. I have assured them they will have a wonderful time at Couples and we are buying them dinner on the island for a wedding present. So if any one is at CTI from 3rd April please look out for David & Kathryn.

    This is not the end of my idea, i hope to have more of an idea as to what the future holds in a couple of weeks, when hubby has seen his surgeon and makes a decision.

    I am so sorry to have let anybody down, i really was so looking forward to doing something

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    You are not letting us down! I hope things start to sort themselves out for you soon.

    Best wishes


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    Don't sweat it. Tried to plan a reunion in NJ, USA last year and the hotel made a mistake and therefore we had to cancel. Plan on trying this year but have 2 weddings to plan within the next 2 years.

    Your son will love CTI - loved since 1980 (our honeymoon) and every year again since 2004.

    Wishing you and your husband the best for 2012!

    Paul and Debbie

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