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    Default 60 Days until CN!

    We leave in 60 days for CN and I wanted to check on a few things before we leave. I love this thread!

    We will be there in March and I have heard a lot of people talk about sand flea's, are they bad this time of year? Is there anything besides 100% DEET that people recommend to keep them away? Is it a problem during the day, or only in the evenings?

    Someone mentioned that there are no outlets near the CN bathroom sinks. The wife will be distraught by this, but at least it will limit her time at the sink! Is this still the case, is a small extension cord actually necessary or was someone being dramatic?

    Are there certain buildings that are preferable for the oceanview rooms? I know some people said the road is a bit noisy, are there ocean view rooms in that building? We aren't all that picky about location, but if there is something we should request let us know!

    Anything other big suggestions out there? This is our first trip to Jamaica and we couldn't be more excited!

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    Bring bug spray, like deep woods off, for dusk and evenings spent near the sand. The sand fleas, also known as noseeums in some parts of FL, are there and can be bad, depending on your susceptibility. I don't usually get bothered by them, but I did come home with a few bites in November. My wife gotten eaten up pretty good.

    There are no typcial US outlets in the bathroom, but there are behind the nightstands on both sides of the bed. Above those tables are huge mirrors, so it's really not an issue. In fact, my wife likes to watch TV while she's getting ready anyway!

    There are only oceanview rooms in the 4 buildings on the south end (6-9). 7 & 8 are the closest to the road, but the road noise is not as bad and consistent as some will make it seem. My wife is a LIGHT sleeper, and it is a non-issue for us.

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