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    Default CN Valentines Day 2010

    Hello, K and I will be returning home 2/12 to 2/16. We really enjoyed meeting new friends and hanging out at the left hand beach. Are there other couples spending Valentines day in paradise? It would be nice to have some friends to share a dirty banana with.

    only 172 more days....

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    Default We will be there Feb 6-15th!

    We will be practicing with cool runnin's and red stripe until you arrive!

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    Default Hydration

    Sounds like you guys will already be in island mode before we get there. Kris likes to drink dirty bananas and I am partial to red stripe. We are planning on trying some new drinks this year and cool runnin's sounds like a winner.

    We are having a private dinner on the 14th and plan on celebrating later on the beach and possibly hot tubing it too. Would love to share a couple of drinks before it gets too late if you guys are open to it. We met such great people last year and we are really looking forward to the same thing this year.

    Bill & Kris

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    Default We will be there through the 15th

    Sure - drinks sound great. We usually have dinner by ourselves that evening as well. I will buy the first round if you buy the second. Go to the Meet-up Negril section. We are on the February 2010 post.

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