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    Default Poor dining service at couples swept away

    Service was slow even by island standards. Need more attentive staff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ron3637 View Post
    Service was slow even by island standards. Need more attentive staff.
    No problem mon.

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    we were just there and as a 4th visit. Quite disapointed at service and food quality at the Palms.
    At lobster night, lobster was cold and rubbery/overcooked and server told me to rub the butter from the packet for rolld on it. Unbelievable.

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    not sure when you were at csa but in all the 5 times we've visited, the staff moves on "Island Time" and seeing we are vacation, time is of no concern at all and sevice has NEVER been a problem!! Relax and enjoy and be pleasant and friendly to the CSA staff and I'm sure they will be more attentative to your needs!

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    So sorry to hear about your experience. I know that we did have unusually slow service at Le Gourmet (before it was 8 rivers) once, but other than that out of 3 trips and 2 resorts, we haven't really ever had a problem. I guess every establishment expereinces an off day sometimes?

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    I hope that you made note of that on your check out questionair. They always want to hear from the guests, both good things and bad.

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    How long did you have to wait? I'm fairly patient, but when paying this kind of money, I expect reasonable service. How was the service at the rest of the resort?

    Thanks for the info.

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    sorry to hear that!

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    Ron3637 - when were you there? I noticed that this is your first post, so it does seem a bit odd that your first post is a cryptic complaint. They tend to train new staff in the low season (October-November), so service can be slower then. Cabana Grill can be slow if you hit it right around 1:00. And at Seagrapes, you definitely need to sit at the bar area (not at the tables). When we've been to CSA, we usually experience one or two meals where our waiter forgets our drink order, or it seemed to take especially long between courses. However, it's never been a persistent and pervasive issue. Going back for #6 in 2 weeks! And just for comparison purposes (because sometimes people say that us repeaters don't know any better), in addition to Swept Away, we traveled to Puerto Rico and Miami last year on leisure, in addition to over 35 business trips on my end.

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    Really??? So not what we experienced. Our drinks were brought to us before we even ordered. And our water glass was never more then half empty before it was refilled. Once on cource was finished the next was there.
    Sorry if your experience was less then wonderful,

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    It was only the one night for us on slow service, the rest of the week was better, but still the food quality has slipped some at the Palms since the last visit. I noticed the Mon night buffet and Fri night beach party had quite improved in food selection. Maybe the food budget got shifted around to accomplish this? Best food I had all week was shrimp pizza at Patois and of course sweet potato chips and dip at Seagrapes. My finance claims the chips are not made on-site. Is this the case?

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    My comments relate to the service on my second trip to Couples. While i like the resort the service was very very slow and the staff was unprofessional most of the time . Plates brought at different times. Totally inattentive during the meal other than to deliver the food. I ralize we are on island time but the service even by that standard was awful

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    It says he was at CSA

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