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    Default Conditioner for hair??

    One week from today Hubby and I will be at Couples Swept Away! It's all we talk about!! So we are first-timers and I was wondering if in the bathrooms there is conditioner as well as shampoo?? Not the shampoo that has conditioner in the same bottle, but separate. Those ziplock travel bags fill up so quickly with cosmetics, trying to eliminate unnecessary items. What about bug spray? will we really need it? Also, we plan to spring for sun screen once we get there. Is there a gift shop onsite that will carry it? Thanks Friends

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    Couples provides a conditioning shampoo only. I need a separate conditioner. We travel with carry-on only luggage, so we always buy shampoo and conditioner at the resort. There isn't much in terms of brand selection; it's generally several types of Suave. It's not what I use at home, but it's fine on vacation.
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    It is the shampoo conditioner combo and doesn't work for my long hair. I always bring my own or have bought some at the resort.

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    I like to wash my hair and then use a beach spray- scrunch and go. Conditions my hair with no dryer needed.

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