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    Default Single day dance is here!! Cn in 9,8,7....

    Finally!!!! After 315 grueling days the finish line is in sight! This our 2nd trip to Jamaica, first to Couples...we are literally beside ourselves, beaming with anticipation. To all the veteran CN goers out there I have a few last minute questions....
    1. We are in a BFS, is it really true that we may need a ext cord for hair dryers, etc to get to the bathroom?

    2. Regarding the BFS, what building(s) are those suites located in?

    3. When arranging dinner reservations, cat cruises, private dinner res., should any of that be done in advance of our arrival or can we do it when we arrive?

    We are both excited to take our first stab at scuba, should at least be entertaining for the staff Thanks to everyone over the course of the past year that ultimately led us to Couples, we already feel at home!

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    Default 9 Days here...

    First timers arriving on the 14th...can not wait.

    In previous trips to Mexico I dove without certification. It is a lot of fun and I'm sure you will have a ball and that the staff is used to first timers.

    Can not wait...perhaps we'll run into each other at the bar!

    Bob & Sue

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    OMG how great for you. We leave for CSA in 25 days. I think i would be so hyped in the the single digits like yoiu. We have been counting down on a board on our fridge since 70 days. The numbers are going down fast. Enjoy your trip!

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    Everyone is going to answer you I am sure, but just in case:
    We stayed in a BFS (5701) and I did need an extension cord for my hair straightener. I Used the dryer in the bathroom that Couples provided, but there were no outlets. I did not have an extensionn cord so I plugged it in on the table when you first walk in the door and used the mirror on the back of the door to the room, but was kind of far away for the purpose of doing your hair.

    I don't know all of the buildings the suites are in, but know 5 and 9 for sure. The suites are on the ends towards the beach. Although most say they are not 'true beachfront' I can't imagine more beachfront that what we had. Sand was right outside our door and we could see the ocean and hear it while on our patio.

    You cannot book before you arrive. Just go to the concierge desk once you get there or you can call them from your room to make a dinner reservation. Visit the watersports hut to sign up for catamaran. We had no problems with either.

    I tried to attach pictures of te view from our room and the bathroom. I hope they come up!

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    To add to/modify Hucken's informative reply:

    At CN, BFS are in the beach-front ends of buildings 5, 1, 6, and 9.
    Most of the activities you listed can only be reserved when you arrive, however a private dinner CAN be reserved ahead of time if you are concerned a particular date & location combo will not be available (unlikely, but possible). Look up the guest relations email if you need to do that.

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