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    Default Plane hop from MBJ to CN

    Going to be home at CN 2-18 and thinking about doing the little plane hop from MBJ to CN. What are the two companies that do this?? How much with tip?? How does it work once we are through customs?? Not doing it for the time savings so much, but for the aireal views we have not saw the first 4 times!! I do get motion sickness, but is it really going to happen for just a 15 min. trip???


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    Here is the the post I put out before our last trip in November. We again had a wonderful experience with TimAir and we will continue to use the charter flight with them on future trips.

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    We are set up to use Tim Air for the second time and we are looking forward to a quick trip to the resort. The first two trips to Couples Negril we took the shuttle. We didn't like the long shuttle and then the stop at a roadside snack place so others could get food and a beer( it was only about 20 minutes from the resort) It was nice to use the bathroom but, the 25 minute delay to our trip was frustrating.

    Last year we used Tim Air for the first time. The company was wonderful and very good with me as I was a little nervous about going in the small plane. Our pilot, Curtis was so cool with me. The whole time during take off and getting up in the air, he keep talking to me making sure I was doing okay. As soon as we got into the air, all fears went away when I saw Jamaica from the air. It really is breathtaking and something everyone should try. You really do miss a lot of the scenery being on the ground. It is fantastic being to the resort in 15 minutes. There was a taxi waiting. Always clarify the cost before taking it. He only charge us $5.00 and then we gave him a small tip. The resort within walking distance but, I would suggest taking as a taxi as it is crazy on that road.

    Tim Air treated us very well and I look forward to seeing our friends again. We do give the pilot a $20.00 tip. Make sure you set up the reservation so it gives you time to get through customs etc. I didn't set up the time right last year and they ended up waiting for us quit awhile. They never mentioned anything but, I felt bad. In the future, I'm planning on it taking about 1 hour to get through everything, a quick stop at couples lounge to check in and verify us using Timair. I gave a 15-20 minute window from the time we get to couples lounge, pay Tim Air and go through their small security check. Yes, plan to take the jewerly etc. off again before you get out to take their plan. They again are terrific. I would highly recommend taking Tim Air to the resort it is a lot of money but, so worth it. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

    Do a search on the main message board on Timair and you will also be able to read other reviews. Have fun!

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    Same as redsun...TimAir and $20 tip...and Curtis is great! 6 a.m. out of Phili, customs was empty, TimAir to Negril, standing at the CN pool bar with Dirty Banana in hand by 11:26 a.m. - PRICELESS!

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    Default Timair

    Here is some more information on Tim Air. When we flew in November we paid, $218.00 per person for a round trip. Yes, it is a lot of money but, so worth seeing the views in the air. A short 15 minute flight and grab one of the red license plate cabs (Tim Air gives info. on which cabs to take) and you are at the resorts real quick. You have to email them for the current price. We usually email them at 30 days or less from departure. Then we set up the reservation as then the price is locked in for 30 days. Here is their website to get all of this information including where they are located at MBJ airport.

    Good luck with the flight! Have a wonderful time at Couples Negril. We have been there 4 times and already looking forward to our next trip.

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    We used both Tim air and Air link (I think that is the correct name). I too get motion sickness and was quite
    nervous. Tim air had the older planes (and smaller) while we had a larger plane, newer plane with Air link
    (14 seater).
    I actually found the smaller plane much smoother. Best $$ spent, at the hotel in no time!
    Have a great trip.

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    If you book in advance, how much time do you need to allow between landing and appointment time?

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    Default setting up flight departure time with Tim Air


    Last time we flew with Timair, we had set up the Tim Air flight out of MBJ about a hour and a half after we landed in MBJ and got off the plane. I figured this would give us time to get through customs etc. a quick check in at the Couples lounge and then onto Tim Air desk (short walk to another building). We would pay for the flight and go through their quick security screen and get onto the plane.

    Best laid plans just didn't happen as our flight out of Dallas, Texas to MBJ was delayed a hour and a half. We actually called Tim Air to let them know about the delay. As always they told me, "No Problem" we will looking for you when you land. Luckily, we were the only plane that landed at this time so, it was a quick process and we were through everything and hooked up with Tim Air while it was still light outside. This was our concern as it was getting later and Tim Air doesn't fly when it gets dark. As always, they were very layed back and happy to see us. I guess this next time, I will again, try to set up the flight a hour and a half after we land in MBJ. Good luck!

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    We have used TimAir the last three trips. The scenery and TimAir employees are worth the investment. The flight over Bloody Bay and seing CN from the air are very memorable. The great thing about them is they have no schedule. They know when you arrive and you go. Never been a delay. We though about using Air Link but they fly on a schedule. You never know about Immigration/Customs. It has taken us anywhere from 15 min to 2 hours to get through. It is something you have to try. You'll never take the shuttle again. Enjoy!

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    Awesome, thank you! We're heading to CN in May and hoping to try out the flight.

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