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    Thinking about doing atv tour. Several on mb have said it is great. I had a couple of questions:
    1. Can you do this in the morning?
    2. Are sneakers a must? Chukka says to bring sneakers but wondering if we could get away with Tevas.

    Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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    I would wear the sneakers. My husband and I went on the ATV tour last year. We wore sneakers. Glad we did. When you get to the top of a small mountain, the guys get you off the atvs and we took a little hike. We got to see some of the flowers and plants and take some pictures. It was alot of fun!! Enjoy!!!
    One Love,

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    Hi pynk322. We did the atv/dune buggys at Chukka last November.. It was great fun, however we did get really muddy. We took runners but actually forgot to change shoes and I ended wearing my flip flops. We saw a lot of "back country". It was a pretty cool excursion

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    DO IT!!!!! We did it and loved it I think I wore flip flops when we went. I know I didn't wear tennis shoes so you should be fine. I cannot remember what time of day we went, but I do know that you reserve it at the resort and I am pretty sure you go when they go, you cannot specify a time, but I may be wrong. We went in 2005 so rules could have changed since then. We did the dune buggy tour last summer over on the ocho rios side and didn't need any kind of special shoes then either.

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    Thanks everyone. Sounds just what I'm looking for! 15 days til we're home!

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