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    I am planning my second trip to Couples for May 2013 and I have stayed at CSS before and loved it. I am intrested in trying CSA this time around and have narrowed down the room choice to GREAT HOUSE VERANDAH SUITE and the GREAT HOUSE JACUZZI SUITE. Can someone who has stayed in either or both of the rooms please tell me the differences between the room. Also if you have any pictures that would be helpful, thanks in advance everyone

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    We stayed in a GHJS last January. We usually stay in a beachfront verandah suite. We liked the GHJS room very much. We saw some of the Greathouse Verandah suite rooms while we were there. There are only 4 GHJS rooms - they open directly to the front of the Greathouse and have a fantastic view of the ocean. The GHVS rooms have somewhat obstructed views of the ocean. The GHVS rooms on the left side of the GH also have a view of an alley, which isn't entirely attractive.

    The GHJS rooms are the most expensive on the resort. The bathroom is huge and has a jacuzzi, shower stall and 2 sinks. Then there is a wet bar in the bedroom area. The closets are also huge in the GHJS rooms (much more space than in the BFVS rooms).

    We liked being in the Greathouse, but it is different than being in a BFVS. The Greathouse rooms have a "hotel" feel to them, unlike the other rooms that are in smaller buildings.

    The rooms in the Greathouse are very quiet - you would think there'd be a lot of noise from the lounge or restaurants. However, if you keep your verandah doors open, there will be a lot of noise from the swim-up bar during the day, and noise from the Cabana grill at night.

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    Me & my husband stayed in the GHVS & loved it. We're not fussy & had a nice view of both the ocean & the tropical garden which we both loved. My trip for 2012 I'm going to book a GHJS

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