We are loving CN as much as our last visit in March 2010.
We both agree that the food is better this visit (if that could have been possible! ). Andre created a spectacular Repeaters Dinner last night which was held indoors at Lychee. I understand that 44% who were booked into the resort yesterday were repeaters! My husband is pleased that Crown Royal has been readily available at all bars, unlike our last visit.
The weather has not been great today. It is extremely windy and mostly cloudy...I have never seen so many people huddling around the pool area where it was slightly calmer- the beach was basically deserted. There were times that I had goose bumps today and I understand that a cool front has moved in. Watersports pulled all of the boats and the floating dock back onto the beach. The cat cruise was cancelled because they couldn't moor it. The waves in Bloody Bay were one to two feet, so we frolicked for awhile in the water this afternoon to warm up- the ocean was warmer than the air! There is no undertow in Bloody Bay so we felt completely safe (yellow flag).
I will post more later (and will also scan the Repeaters Dinner menu after our trip) but for now, we're sipping mimosas on our balcony, enjoying happy hour!