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    Default CSA Beach Erosion?

    My wife and I have been to CSA the last 2 years and were very surprised this past Spring that half the beach had been eroded away from the prior year due to hurricanes. What is the situation on the size of the beach now?

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    Seemed about the same as it was this time last year for us.

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    We were at CSA over Thanksgiving of this year. The beach has shrunk a fair amount. So much so that the private beach dinners sited on the beach in the "new" section are practically situated on the public walkway (so much for privacy, I'm afraid).

    There is still enough room to stake out a place, but the beach is smaller....

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    Does anyone know if the resort periodically rebuilds the beach after erosion? I've seen many posts on here over the past several months and it appears there hasn't yet been anything done to rebuild the beach back. We have an upcoming trip to CSA and one of the reasons we picked CSA was the spectacular beach and it's size. I hope something is done before we get there- I've seen some recent pictures and then a few from a year or so ago and it's a startling difference

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    Default beach erosion at csa

    anyone been there lately that can post a pic?

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    It is illegal to mine sand in and around Jamaica. Short of buying sand from another island/destination, barging it to Jamaica and taking the risk that either the color is different or a storm washes it away immediately upon completion,

    We will let nature do her own work over time.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks for your reply! I wasn't aware of the mining law---I'm sure any beach is better than the one I don't have here Still very excited about our upcoming trip- it's our first to any type of AI resort and we are very glad we picked Couples--many friends rave about it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    It is illegal to mine sand in and around Jamaica. ....
    While not advocating sand mining for CSA's beach, my understanding is that it might be more properly stated that "it is illegal to mine sand in Jamaica without a valid license".

    The "Quarries Control Act" of Jamaica and related revisions appear to layout the provisions for such licensing.

    The media have made several reports over the years of illegal sand mining in Jamaica and often Jamaica's Ministry of Mining and Energy will refer to the licensing process.

    That said, Randymon's other reasons for not attempting it have been borne out by nearby resorts that(according to TA trip reviews) experienced those issues (color/texture mismatch and quick storm erosion). Let nature take her course and continue to work with NEPA/Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society to protect the offshore reefs.

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    I was just at CSA last week. Yes, there has been some erosion, and there was a bit of a "ledge" in some areas. But... the beach changes all the time, how it was last week isn't necessarily how it will be next week. We were also at CSA in July and noticed that the area near seagrapes has gained quite a bit of beach since then. And no worries... its still the most beautiful stretch of beach in Negril.

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    Would be intrested to see a picture. I am sure there is plently of room for us all...Now if a beach bar had been washed away that would be a problem! if sand is short we could all arrange a raiding party & pinch some from the S resort (or is it B next door?) !!!!!!!!

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    Glad to hear it, randymon

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    We're staying at CN this week, but were at CSA today through Trading Places.

    We stayed at CSA 2 years ago.

    The beach is narrower (from rooms to water) than it was two years ago but it is by no means small. The beach toward the cener of the property is more eroded than either end, but it still looks amazing. There is plenty of room for everyone and everything. Two years ago, the "Barry's Bar" sign/tree was well on dry sand. The base of the sign is now in the water. It's maybe 5 feet out from the sand now. Oh, and the walk down 7 mile beach was as great as ever too.

    DO NOT BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE STATE OF THE BEACH AT CSA!!! It is as gorgeous and receptive as ever.

    If I find the time when we get home, I will try to post a couple of pictures here that I took today of the current beach at CSA.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    To put a finer point on Randymon's comment... the ocean giveth, and the ocean giveth away... or vice versa. October was not kind to SweptAway's beach. The tropical storm that parked itself between Yucatan and Negril wore on the beach for at least the first three weeks of the month. We've seen this in the past. It takes time, but the beach always comes back... eventually.

    So fear not. Perhaps not this reach, but likely the next... the beach will be back... it always comes back.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Over the years (five visits with #6 coming up in June) we have seen the beach go through many changes and variations. Some years it has been vastly wide with room for volleyball and games with plenty of space left over for loungers and walking. Other years we have seen the water lapping near the paved path in some places.

    It is all relevant though. You get the beach that nature provides at the time you are there. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are worried about erosion and the possibility of the beach being narrowed somewhat, then I suggest you do not go to the beach at all, any beach, for that is the nature of water and sand. If you sit and watch the interaction of sand and water on any beach, I mean look closely at what is going on with each reverberation of the water imposing itself onto the land, you will see the sand is in constant motion when in contact with the surf. In and out. Out and in. It is a never ending process that can vary with the amount of water being pushed towards the land by weather and gravity. Changes to the beach, any beach, are inevitable and are going to happen. Mining sand would be temporary and insignificant in the natural scheme for that particular geographic location and that particular part of the earth's beaches.

    I love beaches, all beaches. I used to mention that quite often on the message board. And I appreciate the beauty and serenity that they provide in such abundance. I also realize that they are a living, constantly evolving entity that may not always measure up to our expectations for the short time that we are able to spend with them. A beach is not a painting or a photo that will always look the same. It changes shape and size, length and width at the whim of mother nature and I would have it no other way.

    The beach at CSA is one of my favorite beaches on the planet. It is a jewel that has endured thousands of years of changes due to hurricanes, thunderstorms, droughts and the never ending motion of the tides. We see her at an instant in her lifetime and are blessed to have that instant.

    Go, enjoy the beach and be thankful that you had the privilege to visit this spectacular gift to those of us fortunate enough to have the means for such precious opportunities. If you are waiting for perfection you better get moving, perfection is waiting for you.

    Have a great trip.

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    the beach soon come mon.

    it's all about the kids

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    Here's a picture of the beach at CSA taken on December 8, 2012 in front of where the central hot tub is.
    Every year the beach is a little different but it's always wonderful.
    Attached Images Attached Images    

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    Opps. December 8, 2011.

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    ahhh 5 weeks to go....The beach looks superb to me

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    Mary Thanks for the pictures. The beach looks awesome. Only seven nights left in PA then off to CSA


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    We were at CSA last week. The beach is fine. Plenty of room. I can only think of one little stretch on the north half that was narrow. The widest part of the beach was out in front of the "new" section of the resort.

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    As everyone has stated, it might be smaller in some areas, but it is still one of the most beautiful beaches out there! We were there Dec 9-17, and always found enough sand to frolic or just chill on!

    Enjoy, as we miss it already!

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    That looks so great, thanks for sharing.

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    Somewhere in the next 60 to 69 days I will spend a day on that beach, since we only have 59 days till CN for the 4th year in a row, and we plan on doing the trading places this year for the 2nd time. Why? because in 309 days we are going to spend a week at CSA four our 40th wedding Anniversary and my wife wanted a change in scenery. Sure hope she meant just the resort!

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    Looks like white, soft sand to me.

    I can still wiggle my toes in it.

    Thatís all I care.

    Life is good

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    This is an eroded beach????? Looks plenty fine to me mon. Will be stretched out on it in a little more than a week... ahhhh

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