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    Can anyone advise what time the shuttles leave from Couples Sans Souci to the Airport. We are leaving ona Monday and our flight is not out till 4:00pm.


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    Probably about noon for a 4 pm flight

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    Our flight leaves at 5PM and we leave the hotel at 1PM. So 12 noon sounds about right!

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    We've stayed at CSS three times in a row and have had flights that leave between 4 and 4:30 pm. Unfortunately the shuttle leaves VERY early in our opinion, at around 11 or 11:30. BUT we always leave on a Saturday or Sunday. We're able to eat breakfast, but the rest of our morning is spent packing, turning in our beach towels, buying pictures, checking out, etc - and then it's time to go!

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    I expected there to be multiple shuttles throughout the day from and to the airport. Is this true? An explanation of this would help me and probably the OP.

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    They leave when you need them too, with plenty of time to get to the airport and thru customs... even if its a special trip for just you they don't rush you out.

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    The shuttles aren't on a predetermined schedule, they will leave according to your flight time. If it means you are the only ones on a shuttle then Couples will arrange a shuttle just for you. You will be notified a couple days ahead of your departure regarding check-out procedures and your shuttle time. Generally you leave the resort ABOUT 4 hours before your flight departure time so as to have you arrive at the airport 2 hours prior as the airlines require.

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    We left CTI at 11:15am for a 4:30pm flight.
    I think it depends on how many couples are leaving and when their flights are as well. We have left later in previous years for the same departure time.

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    All resorts, all flights, you leave 4 hours prior to the flight.
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