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    Default Flight unavailable

    I was considering couples negril for my honeymoon in June 2012. On every travel sight it says there are no flights available for that time- anyone have any idea why?

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    I'm probably late to the party here, but typically many airlines don't post rates more than 6 months out. I have the same issue with my November vacation. Just keep checking now that your in that time frame and everything should be fine. The good thing is that being so early, you should get the best rates and seats available at this time.
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    It's difficult to answer your question b/c you provided so little information about location and dates of travel. I looked at your profile to find your location, then I looked on Delta's web site for flights flying out of the Louisville and Lexington airports in Kentucky and used Saturday dates (selected departure of June 9 and return of June 16). There are flights out of both airports.

    Flights to Jamaica are more frequent during the winter months; fewer people travel to the Caribbean in the summer, so there might not be flights midweek.
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    ya mon you may not get a direct flight but you surely will get some commercial air that flys into montego bay, may i suggest calling couples reservations and talking to yvonne, 1 800 268 7537 , have fun at your couples destination

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    June is a popular travel time but this is quite a ways out so that seems odd. You don't mention where you are flying out of so we can't double check for you. If you continue to have trouble I'd contact a travel agent, there really should be flights available. I highly recommend a good local travel agent regardless.

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    Were going in June and found plenty of flight options. I just booked 1 week ago, try the airline websites directly. Here are a few that go to MoBay Airport: AA, US Airways, Delta, Spirit, Air Trans. Try travelocity and double check your dates and info when you do a search.

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    Call a travel agent and have them look for flights. So much easier, and then you have someone to ask questions to along the way.

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    Not sure from where you are flying from or what date but lots of
    Flights out of phx to mbj in June. Try usair.

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    Default Strange

    Where are you flying out of? We booked from Milwaukee to Jamaica in June with several flight options.

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    where are you needing to fly out of? i see many many flights in june. i never book through a travel website anyways---the cheapest fares are always on the airline's own website. even if it is a couple bucks it is always cheaper just like hotels--always cheaper directly through them too. just go to the different airlines sites and check rates there.

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    Most of the flights go into Montego Bay, not Negril. Try searching for arrivals in MBJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krichardson0010 View Post
    I was considering couples negril for my honeymoon in June 2012. On every travel sight it says there are no flights available for that time- anyone have any idea why?
    you can't book flights online 6 months out from today.

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    Where are you flying from? Also, you don't fly into Negril, you fly into Sangster which is in Montego Bay. You can fly from MoBay to Negril, but that is booked privately.

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    Must be your departure location. We see no problems from Charlotte

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    Default Airport?

    Are you trying to check for Montego Bay, Jamaica? (MBJ) That is the airport you would fly into, and then you get a transfer to Negril.

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    We just booked our honeymoon 6/4 - 6/10 through to CSS without any problems for flights - we even got direct flights from DFW-MBJ. When are you going?

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    The airlines set there schedules only so many months ahead of time. I had the same problem with JetBlue. We could book with them in April but had to find another carrier on our way home in May. Keep checking. They should be up soon.

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    Not sure where you are traveling from but there are a ton of flights from Orlando to MoBay. A ton from Chicago as well.

    I think you might be putting in the codes wrong. Montego Bay is MBJ. Try Travelocity.

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    Many of the travel sites only book trips out a few of months ahead. If you look at the airline sites or one of the air schedule sites (try they will have schedules much further out.

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    Are you in the UK, as BA will pull out in April that leaves only Virgin and Thompson flying in to Jamaica, so things could get difficult, also Virgin are changing flight days after April to Wednesday and Sunday.

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    We found in booking our last two trips, which we did through a travel bureau, that the flights weren't available until a set number of months prior to departure. As in, we booked at CN again last summer, but flights weren't available until the Fall, when we secured them. We flew Jet Blue out of Vermont the first time and are now booked on US Air for our next trip, this coming June. Might be that. Otherwise, no clue as to what's going on for you.


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    No flights at all? You may have to adjust your travel days. I know when my wife and I went to CN this past June, many airlines had flights that required us to have an over night lay over. We kept searching and finally found a flight that would get us to and from there, we just had to pay a bit more. Then, when returning home, that flight got cancelled and we had to spend another night in Jamaica. Unfortunately, we couldn't go back to CN for the night, rather had to spend it at the Ritz Carleton in Montego Bay. It was nice, lol, but no Couples Negril!

    Just keep searching but don't get discouraged. Flights get cancelled and flights get created so have faith! And if you're there June 11th-18th 2012, we'll see ya there! Good luck!

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    Try Montego Bay. That's where you would typically fly to.

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    Silly question - are you looking for flights to Negril, or flights to Montigo Bay (MBJ)? That's where you'd want to fly to, and Couples would take you from there to the resort. (There are no flights to Negril from the US or Europe.)

    Also, where are you flying from, out of curiosity?

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    Did you use Montego Bay Jamaica as your airport in the search?

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