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    47 days til CSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been to CN 5 times. This is our first time to CSA. I like the idea of walking the beach, and the size of the resort. We booked a Great House Verandah Suite. So excited!!!
    One Love,

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    myapapya: Please change the color of your text. It is too light which makes it hard to read. Thank you

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    44 days 21 hours till the beach at CN for the 4th year in a row. We will be at CSA for the first time in 294 days.

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    You lucky dogs!

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    We are going to CSA in 26 days!!!!! Got the call today that our tickets are ready for pick up. We have never been before but have watched every you tube video on CSA. We are so excited that if we start talking about it (seems all we do) we cannot sleep or get antsy and ready to go.

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    Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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