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    Default Valentine's Photo Contest Entry DROPPED?!

    Has anyone else had their entry photo for the contest dropped or deleted? We felt our entry was very tasteful and depicted the feeling of what Couples is all about....LOVE!!! Tell us what you think of our entry and if you have had any problems too. Thank you for your feedback!

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    Cute....but maybe not for facebook.

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    I just went on there and can still see it. When I looked it was on Page 5...and no, don't see anything wrong with your photo at all.


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    One thing I see that Couples may be upset with is the fact that the picture that was taken was on the point on the island. They have always had a policy of no pictures are to be taken on the island. Even though some people have, I don't think Couples would want anyone to think that it is okay to do so.

    The other thing that may be upset with is the nudity. To some, it may not appear that that picture is in "good taste". To others, it may be perfectly fine.

    These are just my opinions. I'm only guessing as to why it was dropped. I think that if you contacted Randy Russell, he may tell you why it was not used.


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    Looks like its back. Thanks everyone!! We booked CTI yesterday for a return trip this November. Can't wait to get back!!

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    I like the photo, I do not agree with it being dropped.

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    I would imagine that FB took it off. FB is very sensitive with their photos.

    I personally don't see a problem with it....but I'm not a mega company either ; )

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