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    Can anyone tell me if the original Office of Nature is still on Bloody Bay? I had heard that there was now a "modern" facility in it's place and that it was not operated by the original group of people. My wife and I visited it last October and had a great time there. We were really looking forward to it again this Oct.



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    From what I understand, yes, the original Office of Nature has moved a little further down the beach (away from CN) from their previous location. It sounds like they are still in operation. You just need to walk a little further to get there.

    I think I also heard that the "modern" facility is calling themselves "the Office of Nature" too. I haven't been there since this all took place, so I can't confirm the naming issues.
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    We visited them in July. If they've moved down the beach it wasn't much farther. We met the same people there as in previous trips...Christmas and son was still there and so was Candy. They've added a outdoor palapas style bar, but I don't think the guys grilling lobster are running the bar. The lobster was still the same also....delicious!!
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    WHOA!! That's not the same office of nature we visited. Our bar consisted of an old cable spool upended as the table and some logs to sit on. Red Stripe served from a cooler and fresh lobster grilled on an old grill.

    There was no sign, just a fence to get around and that wonderful voice "you looking for da lobster mon?"

    I hope it's just as wonderful an experience for everybody!

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    Oh my...that looks fabulous!

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    We just visited the original Office of Nature in July. The pictures posted on this thread are indeed the NEW Office under ownership of different people. Keep walking down Bloody Beach and you will see the guys. You will recognize them and their hut. They have a sign which has been handpainted and says Original Office of Nature. We spent an afternoon with them and had the best lobster of our lives!

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    Looking at the bay, is it to the left, or to the right? We want to try it on our trip in November

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelilone View Post
    Looking at the bay, is it to the left, or to the right? We want to try it on our trip in November
    From your room, head to the beach and turn right and go past the two resorts immediatly north of Couples Negril.
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    From the resort beach, looking at the bay, it's to your right.

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    When looking at the Bay walk to the right you will have to walk a little ways but not to bad of a walk cant miss it. Have a great trip!! We were there at the end of June cant wait to go back its Paradise..

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