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    Default April 2012 CTI Wedding

    Hi-- we are getting married at CTI April 21st, 2012 and wondering who else will be at the resort to meet and have a few drinks together? We are so excited because we had to cancel before due to medical reasons and we both counting down the days!
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    Congrats on your wedding! We'll be there during your visit.
    Join the April Amigos thread here to learn who else will be at CTI in April.

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    Hi-liquid...We did join the April Amigos and really looking forward meeting you all and having a blast!

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    We are getting married on 4/19/12. We are will there the 14-21, so maybe we will see you around.

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    Hi KatieJo, Congrats to your wedding date and we will arrive on the 18th and defiantly look you up and hopefully have a chance to maybe watch you getting married! What time is your wedding?

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    We are getting married at 5pm on 4/19!! I believe we will be getting married on the beach. there will be 22 guests attending our wedding. you are move than welcome to watch our wedding!! maybe we will meet up with you two. See you at in April at CTI!!!

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    OMG, thank you for the invite and we as well getting married on the beach on the 21st at 2pm, so you will defiantly have us watch your wedding!!!! We will be a group of 14 guest..... See you in April at CTI and it's approaching slowly and not fast enough.....

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    We are 47 days away from leaving and 52 days until the wedding. We are getting soo excited. We will definitely be seeing you soon!!! Hope everything is going well with all your planning.

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    Hi guys, we will be at CTI April 21- May 5. Our wedding is on Friday, April 27, we are getting married at sunset,
    Probably on the beach. I would love to get together for drinks!! So fun!!

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    I saw the video of your wedding on Youtube....It was absolutely beautiful....Congrats to you both!

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