In Sept last year my hubby and I went to CSS after being at CN the year before. As most of you have posted about, we found our 'home' at CSS. It was totally our type of resort and we loved everything about it!!! The only thing negative thing about our trip was that the weather was not good at all. It was cool, windy and rainy most of the days. We couldn't get into the water much because of the weather. Now we are planning a trip in Nov for my 40th and I really want to go to CSS, but I am nervous because of the weather we had last year. I know there are never any guarantees about the weather anywhere you go, but for those of you who go or have gone to CSS in November, is the weather typically good? Did we just have abnormally bad weather last year like the staff told us? We were thinking about booking CSA which I know we would love, but when you have found your Couples 'home' it's hard to think about going somewhere else!