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    Default We were gifted the Dolphin Experience...

    Where is this? Is it all day? We've never swam with Dolphins before so we are excited, although I do know of the Cove (haven't seen it, I can't stomach things like that), so I will feel guilty. I did a quick search and saw there is one in Ocho Rios, and then saw something about a new one in Negril?

    Do we have to do anything special to let the hotel know this was purchased for us? Or when we check in will they already know? Thanks!
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    I don't know about the one in Negril, but the one in Ocho Rios was fantastic. We swam with the dolphins a number of years ago and it was outstanding. I don't quite understand your remark, "I do know of the cove,(I haven't seen it , I can't stomach things like that)" There is nothing to feel guilty about.

    As far as letting the resort know about the gift you have received, they can take care of that after you arrive.

    have a great trip.

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    It's not an all-day thing, maybe a couple hours or so, depending on how busy they are. You can probably have the concierge check with Dolphin Cove for your gifted reservations, etc, or you could always call them yourself. We experienced the one in Ocho Rios and my husband said it was the best excursion of his life. I chose to watch and take pics since it is a bit expensive, so count your blessings that you were gifted

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon! You don't say where you will be staying, bu I have read some great reviews of Dolphin Cove in Ochi. Since, Dolphin Cove isn't an included Couples Resort excursion, you will most likely have Guest Services or the Tour Desk arrange a taxi or car service to get you there. You would be responsible for the cost of transportation. Sounds like a wonderful experience.

    Have a great trip!

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    Iwent to the Dolphin Cove in Negril - it is actuall in Lucea about 45 minues from Negril on the way back towards Montego Bay. I will copy and Paste my response to others about it:
    We did it when we were a CN Decmeber 2010. It was well worth it for me, but I am a Dolphn lover and it was a dream of mine to swim with them. We booked through the resort (CN) once we were there. It is on the way back towards Montego in Lucea. It takes about 45 minutes to get there. It was $175 for the full swim with two dolphins and then $25 for my husband to just get in the door (rip off). We picked up 11 more people from RIU on the way. When we got there they gave us an information session and the guy was great. Then we were divided into our groups as to what program we were in. There were 8 people in my group and the person who did the information session was with us in the water too. You get in the water and there are two dolphins in there and their trainer is on the dock. You start out all lined up, shoulder to shoulder and the dolphins swim under your hands. They are so soft. Then you go back along the sides of the dock – 4 on one side and 4 on the other. They call you out in the groups you came in (so I was by myself) and you get a good 5 minutes with the dolphin just lying in front of you to stroke them to look at them and to feel their heart beating. I asked a lot of questions about all of the marks on this dolphin and the guy was full of info – it was great. Then we got to go out one by one and the dolphins swam up behind me and I grabbed onto their dorsal fin and they swam away with me! I was amazed at how strong they were and how fast! It was awesome. Then we got to go further out and I had to lay on my stomach with my feet pointed down and the dolphins came up behind me and pushed my feet and pushed me through the water. Again amazing! After that we got to each dance with them while holding their fins. Very cool. They ended it with us having them swim under our hands again and then they jumped out of the water a few times. Awesome. They take pictures and video of the whole thing. My husband had to stay pretty far away – they don’t let anyone unless they paid down by the water. But he videotaped the whole thing. I did buy the disc with the pictures though. It was $70 for the disc and you get every picture they took of everyone. That would be a great deal if you had multiple people with you. They also had two sting rays there at a different part of the beach/Ocean area you could go touch and look at. The handler was very knowledgeable about them. I suppose that is what the $25 for my husband was – entrance to just watch me and then a few minutes with a sting ray. I thought that was pretty bad – I mean I could see $10 or something. I was nervous the bus would leave when we were with the sting rays as it did not seem like a lot of people knew about this. They had problems with our disc and it took forever to get it straight so the people were still waiting for us, I felt bad. We still got back around 1:30 or so.
    Great post by dank120 BTW - everyone will tell you how horrible this place is, but we were also told by the trainers and have researched it about the dolphnis here being rescued. Some are not released, but their life expectancy is far greater in this beautiful home for them than out in the ocean, where they were all about to die from their injuries at some point.

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    Oops sorry, we are going to CN. I'm really hoping its the one in Negril, I don't want to waste hours driving to Ocho Rios...

    SuzyQ - what do you mean it isnt an included Couples Resort excursion? It was on their honeymoon registry.
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