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    Default Flights From Portland, OR

    My wife and I are headed back for our 7th visit to Couples and we are having a heck of a time trying to find a decent flight to MBJ. Has anyone used US Airways? They are current advertizing a flight from Portland, OR to Charolette, NC to Montego Bay..arriving before noon. We have always taken Continental in the past but apparently they have altered their flights and no longer offer a Thursday night departure with a noonish arrival. Is there anyone out there that has found something different, or recently had a good flight plan, or just booked? We are thinking we may have to cancel if we dont find some kind of flight that gets us to MBJ on Friday without having a 8 hour layover in New York. Any help would be great appreciated. Thanks.

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    Havent seen this thtread posted so I will try again. Anyone with any help or suggestions on airline tickets?

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