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    Default beautiful

    From the massage area at CSS!

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    What a beautiful view at CSS by the fitness center

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    Sailing off into the unknown at CSS is the best!

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    What a trip!!!
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    Time To Relax
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    Up For Some Laps?
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    Soakin' The Feet After Long Night Of Dancin'
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    Default Pirate ghost

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    While snorkeling at CSA I took this photo of an old pirate canon and a pirate ghost like figure showed up when i got the photos back (lower left corner).

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    Our first reason for coming back to CTI year after year...

    Our first reasons for coming back every year...

    Spectacular venue for a wonderful evening...

    (I apologize for the quality. Issues with the PC that has the decent copies!)

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    Beginning Sunset
    Name:  beginning sunset.jpg
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    Jamaica Sand
    Name:  Jamaica sand.jpg
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    The Grill
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    A wonderful place to contemplate the beauty of CSS.
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    Reflections of a travellers palm
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    A little snack for a little friend.
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    Drummer on the beach at night against a colorful CSS sail. No flash, no tripod, no retouching... Just a steady hand and a lucky shot!

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    Default Riding into the sun........

    Riding into the sun...... Swept Away!
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    Default Anniversary at CTI

    STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN - Our route each morning to our place in Paradise

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    WIDE-EYED AT THE WONDER OF CTI - View from our balcony

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    PERFECT END TO THE PERFECT DAY - Couples gift to us for our 19th Anniversary, can't wait for our 20th.......

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