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    We will be visting CTI in March for the first time. My Wife's favorite drinks are a frozen strawberry Daiquiri and a Baileys. (Not at the same time). Are these drinks available at the various bars? Are there cocktail bars with bar staff making fancy drinks?

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    Default the SMILE with rum creeme'

    My favorite drinks there were the frozen drinks at CTI
    MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE was the jamaican smile! it is a combo of strawberry daq and pina colda with baileys but you could ask for RUM CREEME which was THE BEST! I probably drank about 10 a day. not too much in them to get me sick. It was very tasty. Have to try the Jamaican smile
    ENJOY i miss that place.

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    Yes they are. She needs to try a Bob Marley.
    Irie Mon

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    The best spot and easiest on the staff is at the swim-up bar on the main land. And there is plenty of them. Don't know about the Bailey's but I am sure they have it just because of all the different drinks they make including their own creations. Have fun!

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    Yes they are available. Have her try the Miami Vice, it is a Strawberry daiquiri pina colada mix!!!! Yummmmmm!!!

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    Definitely strawberry daiquiri. Get it with a Pina Colada and it's a Miami Vice or as Damion used to call it onthe island--Pain in the Ass==as they don't have a frozen drink machine and everything if blended on the island. Not sure about the Bailey's.

    You can get pretty much everything at every bar. Just ask!

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    Oh boy, if you can think it up, they'll make it for you. There are drink menus at the bars. Have your wife try Bailey's and Amaretto on the rocks for a nice, sweet, desert-y after dinner drink. Have fun while you're hangin out in paradise!

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