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    Default Santa arrived how this year at CSA?

    How did Santa arrive this year at CSA, last year when we were there was on a dune buggy? Never heard how he arrived this year? For that point at all the Couples resorts?

    Leaning to booking again for 2012 at CSA and to partake in the Christmas fun!

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    would love to know the answer too! We were there last year also and have already booked for next Christmas form 12/20-27th, can't wait to partact in the festivities again! We were there earlier this year, 12/9-18 and missed out, but saw the Christmas lights being put up!

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    Blondie,, I think we there the same time as you this December, lol. When we arrived we were looking for the tree and gingerbread house. Was glad to see it go up, about midtrip. But did miss seeing the crazy lights and setup they do on xmas eve.

    Gotta ask, does your husband have a nice full mustache. If so, we recognized you from Xmas 11 and saw u again this trip.

    Still, any Santa sightings for Dec 2011?

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    We didn't see him arrive this year which we thought was odd....we were farther down the beach closer to swim up bar and we heard steel drums playing.....we walked down towards Seagrapes and saw band playing (they were awesome BTW) and saw Santa standing there but could not tell how he came in. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that he never came down the whole beach as he has every other year we've been there. But still an amazing always

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    He was brought down the front beach path "Cleopatra" style poor guys holding up the chair had to stop and rest a few times!

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