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    Default CSA in May/Early June - help and advice please?

    Hi All,

    My fiance and I will be heading to CSA at the end of May, early June 2013 for our honeymoon. We were at CSA this February which is where I proposed to my fiance and we loved it. The weather was great, not too humid, and only rained a couple of days.

    As we are going a bit later in the year I wondered what the weather and conditions where like early June? We will be going for two weeks and can't wait.

    I think we are more excited about returning to CSA than we are about the wedding lol

    Thanks everyone.
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    I was there for my wedding last mnth & the woman who did my hair (Carlene) said that May & June is when they have the most weddings & that is also when they have the most rain. Hope this helps

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    We went one year in June/July and we decided not to go again that time of year. It just seemed to be way too humid for us. But it might just be a personal preference, some people perfer that tropical humidity though. We go Oct/Nov and March/April because we find the weather better, for us. Hope this helps.

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    @ Amoricksen - We have been to Jamaica 3 times (CSA 1) and will be returning to CSA on June 1 of this yr. We have always gone late May early June and out of those 3 years we have seen maybe 3 rainy days. Best wishes to you!!.

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    The 2 times we have been to CSA was end of May (2009, 2010) and plan on going mid to end of May this year. The weather was beautiful. Both times we had a bit of rain but nothing to be concerned about. It's be expected being in a tropical region. All rooms have umbrellas and the first time it was raining when we got there in the afternoon but then it cleared up and never rained again. The 2nd time, it was raining a couple mornings but then it clears off and is gorgeous. Actually the last time we were there a storm had brewed up off shore and the next day we had wonderful waves to play in. I don't blame you for being excited for going back. We got married last April (engaged at CSA in 2010!)and chose to do something different on our honeymoon. While we had fun, we REALLY missed CSA!!

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. It's been really helpful.

    I'm not too fussed if it's raining a few days, it sometimes clears the humidity a bit and that can't be bad lol. I just wondered what the weather was like generally and your replies have just made me even more excited to come back home ;-)

    Musicalrose, congrats on your engagement and wedding. CSA is really amazing eh? I'm sorry you missed CSA on your honeymoon, but I'm sure you had a brilliant time anyway.

    We just couldn't imagine going anywhere else for our honeymoon, actually we just can't imagine going anywhere else on holiday, nothing else compares lol.

    Can't wait!

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    Anyone gone late April early May? We usually go in fall so I'm curious about weather during this time.... sunsets every night? or is it too rainy?

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    We went last April 20-27. Awesome weather.

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