so we have been going round and round on this one, so i'm putting it to the experts-you!
we are arriving on mon at cti and leaving the following mon. we are 4 x repeaters, so we are invited to the dinner the night we arrive, i would assume since this is our only monday we will be there. in the past we have rsvp'd with the invite they left in our room, but since we will arrive just hours before the event, how do we go about that?
so then there's the beach party. on the mb i've heard this is not to be missed. it sounds really fun. is it possible to do the repeater dinner and catch the entertainment? this is lobster season, so i'm assuming it will be served at the invite party, but not the beach party. not a dealbreaker, but hey, i love lobster.
here's the part where i hope i dont get a lot of hatemail...please, this is just my honest opinion. obviously i love couples. since i've started vacationing there, its the only place i go. with that being said, ive never really enjoyed the manager's party! the food has been very nice, but not better than at the wonderful restaurants at the resorts. i have always gone with an open mind hoping to have a blast, the way i've read that others have, but walk away feeling like it was an almost painful situation.
we both love to have fun and socialize, we are both servers(waiters), he's a wine rep and i'm a teacher. my point in saying this is that we are very social people, so i can't figure out why no "connection" with the manager's meeting. any helpful hints? what am i missing? thanks!!!!!!!