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    Default CTI Feb. 23 to Mar. 4, only 21 more sleeps

    Myself and my wife and two other couples are heading to CTI for 10 glorious days. We are leaving the Canadian cold behind us to do a little basking in the sun. This is a surprise second honeymoon for us and my wife has no idea where we are going yet or what we are going to be doing except a bit of diving. I have also already arranged to exchange vows on the beach on the 27th so if anyone is around stop by and say HI to some crazy Canucks. The other ladies in our group are bending over backwards to help me pull off this surprise and so far it is going great. Looking forward to a great time.
    Rob & Shannon

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    Rob and Shannon, what a wonderful surprise! We have 8 more get-ups until we are Home again. I'll make a note for the 27th. What time of the day is this planned? We'll be meeting people there as well. One of the couples is one of your fellow Canadians. Hope to be able to see your lovely recommit.

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    It will be at 11:00. Now just have to painfully watch the clock until we leave. Hope to see you there.
    Rob & Shannon

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    Best of luck with the surprise, while we are not Canada living in Maine you could consider us neighbors!

    ... Chele and Dave... 2/25- 3/3
    ... 11:00 am 2/29

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