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    Default I shouldn't read this message board!!! :-)

    Hubby and I are planning to return to Couples for our 20th anniversary in September. We have been to CN and CSS. We loved the beach at CN but the resort wasn't our style. We loved the resort at CSS but missed the beautiful Negril beach so we thought maybe CSA would be the perfect blend of beautiful beach and the intimate feel that we loved at CSS. Now, after reading the message boards I am feeling like CSA might be too many people for us. We are planning to stay in a BFS. Can anyone help me feel better about our decision to go to CSA?

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    We have been to CN, CSS and CSA and although CSS is where we are going in March, we loved CSA. I don't think its too big, it just has more area to spread out and different places to enjoy. Even when the resort is full, you never get that feeling. We stayed in large resorts in Mexico and CSA is not large. The rooms really are nicer at CSA, and a BFS is a great choice. You will have an amazing time.

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    We have stayed at both CSA and CSS, and did a Trading Places to CN. Although CSA is the largest Couples resort, it never feels crowded to us. Everything is very spread out. Can things get crowded? Sure, it seems like the swim-bar can get overrun at certain times of the day. But on five trips to CSA, we've only been told ONCE that we would have to wait about 1/2 hour to be seated for dinner at the Palms. CSA has the most restaurant choices, so you almost never have to worry about seating or getting a reservation.

    A few tips: if you want to snorkel, make your reservation around 9:00 a.m. the day prior to your snorkel trip. The morning snorkel trip usually books up the fastest since the waters are the calmest in the morning.

    After you check-in at CSA, take a few moments to walk down the short hallway to the concierge desk and book a dinner at either LemonGrass or Feathers (or both). You can book up to 3 days in advance.

    If you want a spa treatment, check out the spa early in your trip (it's beautiful)! You'll want to get a massage done prior to any potential sunburn issues.

    I think that you will love CSA!

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    If it helps - we have been to CSA five times and love it! We haven't tried any of the others because we feel we have found our resort. You won't be disappointed.

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    Try CSA. The beach is to die for and I found it super romantic. The property is so big that it is never crowded. I also think the decor is classic Caribbean and the rooms have lots of wood and white linens. BFS is perfect and you will get your fill of the beach since it will be right out your door. You will love CSA. My husband and I found it very intimate, laid back, and beautiful. CSA ROCKS!

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    OMG, you made an awesome decision. I have never felt like it's crowded or too many people. CSA is enchanting at night and a very special place. The bfs are the best room IMO and I really hope you love CSA as much as we do. Have a great trip!

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    We have been to CSA & CSS. If you are looking for a romantic resort with a great will love it! We love both CSS & CSA. Enjoy & don't forget to get reservations for Lemon Grass....the food is great & the views spectacular!

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    You will love CSA! We are going back this April for the third year in a row and were married at CSS. The resort is very flat and spread out. Never feels crowded. Not sure when you are going but try to book a BFS if possible for a new experience. The windows have no glass! They have screens for the bugs and wooden louver slats you can open and close for privacy or airflow. All the sounds of Jamaica come into your room at night. No TV but who goes to watch that anyway? Of course there is AC in the room and ceiling fans for extra comfort. Seven mile beach is great for early walks.

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    We are going back to CSA for our 3rd trip - have not been to the other resorts. We choose CSA the first time for the layout of the buildings and the rooms. The other resorts looked more like hotel style where CSA building have only 12 rooms at the most(I think) and are spread throughout the resort. We stay in the Ocean Veranda suites and love the privacy and the view! You will love where ever you stay I am sure!

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    Why wasnt CN your style? My hubby and I have been to CSA and CSS. We are planning our next trip and he wants to try CN but I figured we were going back to our Atrium suite at CSA. We LOVED CSA for sure and you won't be disappointed. Just wondering what it was you didn't like about CN so I can see if we really want to try it or just go back to CSA. thanks

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    We chose CSA for our first visit to a Couples Resort. The resort is on a lovely stretch of beach. We absolutely loved our vacation!!! The past two years, we have stayed at CSS (going back for our third in April, 2012). We love this resort for its intimancy, charm, and wonderful staff. When we return to the Negril side of Jamaica, we would positively stay once again at CSA. You will enjoy this resort & beach. Like many have said on this message can't go wrong staying at a Couples Resort!!!! Have fun!

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    Thanks for all your words of encouragement. After a long conversation with my hubby we decided it wasn't that we were nervous about CSA exactly it's that we were really both feeling the pull to go back to CSS. We love it there so much, I guess we have found our Couples "home" and don't want to go anywhere else even for a better beach!

    dnbmccann, It may not be like this all the time but when we were at CN it seemed to be more of a 'party' atmosphere than we were looking for. The swim up bar was always packed and loud and same for the piano bar at night. We love to socialize and meet other couples, but at least for the week we were at CN there were a lot of loud, partying people there. It didn't ruin our time because they weren't rude or obnoxious, just not the kind of vacay we were looking for in our 15th anniversary trip. Again it may not be like this all the time, that was just our experience.

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