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    Default Another Bad Review on TA...this time CTI

    So there is a very bad review on TA. The person only stayed for 4 days. I was very surprised to hear the food was just good, the beds were too hard, the activities were unorganized, room were dated and she had to wait to long at the airport....and to top it off she would rather go to Cancun...well I hope she sticks to Mexico....I was thinking of replying to her and I hovered over her profile where she had previously posted 32 reviews....

    10 Excellent, 4 very good, 4 Average, 8 poor and 7 Terrible....seems as if she is only happy at her beloved Cancun and basically one of those people you can not satisfy no matter what.....

    I love Couples and I can't wait for 3/23 when I will once again be home at CTI.


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    Wow Kiki, this will be our 3rd time to CTI.... And the only thing we can find wrong, is our time there is much too short! See ya there... 3/15----- 3/25.

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    As far as I'm concerned, anyone who found all that negative stuff at CTI, just doesn't belong there. In our long history of visiting COR/CTI for 32 times, there hasn't been enough of anything that bothered us that much. Long wait at the airport, hard beds, unorganized activities? i hope she stays in Cancun.

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