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    LOVED CN last summer and looking forward to CSS this summer. I keep reading about lots of cats at CSS. It's making me very nervous as not only am I allergic but have been a bit cat phobic since I was a kid. Can anyone whose been to CSS reassure me...please? Thanks so much!

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    We were there last summer and to be honest there were a few kittens walking around outside of the Palazzina restaurat. They did not bother us as we did not feed them. If they are still there, you have the option of eating inside if they bother you that much. On a more positive note, when we were being transfered to San Souci from the airport, we shared a van with a veterinarian . She explained that Couples sponsors a program to spade and neuter all the stay cats, so eventually there will be no cat problem. They are working on the problem so hopefully by next summer they will not be around anymore. I hope this helps.

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    We visited CSS in November 2010 and saw no cats so were surprised by the number we saw during our recent trip in December 2011. There were many cats looking for handouts during meals at the Beach Grill/Bella Vista (waterfront dining) and at the Palazzina outdoor seating area (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Lots of people were feeding them. There were no cats inside the restaurants (Pallazina or Cassanova) and we did not see any cats in the outdoor seating at Cassanova. We usually sat inside at the Pallazina to avoid the cats but really missed the view!

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    I never saw any cats at CSS but did see lots of them at CSA when we were there several years ago ....

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    When we were there a couple of years ago, I did see one mother cat and three of her kittens. These are wild cats and they really don't want to have anything to do with humans. As soon as you get anywhere near them, they run away. I doubt that you will get close enough to them to be affected by any allergies you may have. As far as being bitten by any of them, the chances are slim to none.
    Don't let your fears run away with you. CSS is very beautiful. So don't waste time worrying about those felines.

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    We were at CSS in July and saw 3 cats the whole time. They hung out by one of the restauarants and don't bother you if you don't bother them.

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    we saw a cat or two at css but never any where around where you are normally. one time at dinner there was one not to far away but they never bothered you

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    I didn't see any at CSS but I met a couple cats at CSA in April. I love cats so it didn't bother me. I wouldn't worry about it really.

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    Others have answered your question adequately but I'd like to add that all the resorts in Jamaica have a few cats running around, it's not a Couples exclusive. The bottom line is the resorts attempt to keep lush gardens and people leave food and trash around both of which attract critters you would much less appreciate than the cats. The cats are a valuable resource at controlling the population of these other critters.

    As others mentioned they are generally not friendly like a pet or housecat, they won't just readily approach you...unless you encourage it with food. And they don't rule the place, you may or may not even see them. At CSA I was looking for them and only saw one a couple times...obviously they were there but not intrusive.

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    not sure if it's true, but I've heard that the cats are there to help with any rodent problems.

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    The few cats we have seen the last two visits to CSS were not a problem. Don't let his minor concern detour you from making a trip to CSS. CSS is a beautiful resort with amenities galore! We have been to CSA as well. Again, the cats were not a problem. We are returning to CSS again this April, 2012.

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    We were there in early December, and there were cats there, but if you don't feed them, they don't bother you. We always sat outside, and we watched them at times, but they never came up to us I am sure because we never set any food down for them. And as others have said, we could have eaten inside if we did not want to see them. I would not worry about it. Just go and relax All is good.

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    They dont bother with you if you don't feed them. However my hubby, who is not a cat lover, indulged me and we
    sat on the outer edge so I could feed the two cats that I saw. Yup, I'm one of "those" and I will not change :-)

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    The cats do a job by helping control bugs and vermin around the restaurants.

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    I was at CSS for seven days and didn't see any cats, BUT my boyfriend did see a crab on the steps as he walking back to the room. LOL he was scared senseless

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    I just got this video from a friend that was there, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with those cats.

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    Thanks so much for all the replies> They were all very helpful and reassuring. Cant wait to be at San Souci

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    We are at CSS right now and there are several kittens at the Palazina begging for food at every meal...breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were told by a staff member that every once in a while they hall them all away to a shelter.
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    Lots of people have answered, and I just want to add that the cats and kittens we saw (just a few in 3 trips to CSS) were cute. They weren't mangy or emaciated or anything. My hubby and I don't care for cats, but they were sweet-looking, if that makes any difference. I just didn't want you to be imagining scary-looking, wild, homeless cats.

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