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    Default Nightlife at CTI?

    I can not praise this place enough WE LOVED IT ALL.
    Food - gained a few pounds, it was all EXCELLENT!
    TOURS are a MUST; dunns river, catamaran cruise, we paid extra for the dunebuggy and zip lining which was well worth it.
    Entertainment was great, only suggestion or concern is I feel like they have got to do more for the younger adults. My husband and I are both 24years old. We enjoy the paino bar and the steel drum band was beyond excellent, great entertainment. BUT for our age group there just wasnt that much going on. They did have the margrittaville night but that was only one night. Beach party was amazing but ended maybe around 10 or 1030. And when we are on vacation we stayed out late and slept in. In this case. we went to bed early 10:30pm-midnight (paino bar was a blast with the help of alcohol and some friends we met some friends there too which was great) But other than that there wasnt much.
    JUST WISH they had more entertainment for the younger adults. Spoke to several other couples different age groups and they all agreed.

    Entertainment mangers were so friendly and nice to me. I will miss them dearly hope to see them in my future.

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    Default CTI nightlife

    I also feel that CTI needs something for the younger or the night owls like myself. I was bummed that yes about everything ends at 10;30. I'd like to stay up at least until 12 while on my vacation. I loved the CSA air conditioned night club that was a lounge during the day. I'd love to see one like that at CTI. We also LOVED, LOVED the martini bar with dancing up on the roof, but that was only planned for one night.

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    Oh there is entertainment at night, just not in public

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