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    Default We're booked for CN June 2012 !!!!

    Just booked Couples Negril June 10-17 2012 for our honeymoon, so excited !!! We got a garden room, flying in from LAX-DFW-MBJ on American Airlines. Our original plan was for 6 nights, but my fiance talked me into 7, and I'm glad she did. One quick question I forgot to ask, I know I put our flight info for arrival, but how does Couples handle getting you to MoBay Airport for the departure? Our flight leaves at 3pm to head home.

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    My husband and I will be traveling to CN during your dates, as well! We are first timers, so unfortunately I can't answer your question. But, I did want to say hello and hopefully we will get a chance to meet you guys while we're there! We are REALLY excited!

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    My wife and I are leaving for CN on Monday. From what I've read on the message board, the resort will provide you all that info a couple days before your departure. Again, from what I've read on here, they give you MORE than enough time to get to the airport and such. Shuttle provided....congrats on your wedding/honeymoon...

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    Couples takes care of everything! They have you scheduled on a bus to the airport knowing what time you need to be there. No worries mon.

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    When you check in, you will fill out a card with your departure flight & time ... 2 days before that departure date, you will find that card slid under your room door with the time filled in to have your bags out & what time your shuttle will leave to go back to the airport .... I'd say you'll be on the 11:15 shuttle. When that card comes under our door, it's SO SAD because the week has gone by SO FAST. Just an FYI since there where some newbies wondering when we were just at CN over Christmas ... There are plenty of places to get something to eat & drink at the airport while wating for your flight - plus lots of shopping if you have any last minute items to pick up.

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    They have a shuttle that will take you to the airport. They will confirm this info with you at check in and a day or two prior to departure. They will even give you a wake up call if needed. There will be several couples meeting in the lobby and riding on the same shuttle. You will be at the airport in plenty of time to check in etc. If youre not leaving until 3 PM, you wont have any worries getting to the airport. Its the early morning departure flights that I would worry about, but they happen all the time and Couples comes through. We have not yet booked our trip, but we are looking at dates that would put us there the same time you will be....Will try to stay in touch and maybe we can meet.

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    We will be there June 9-16. Planning to be married on 6/12/12. We were at CN in July and after staying at other Jamaican Resorts, CN is our choice now. You'll have an awesome time. Hope to meet you there

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